Student and Faculty Profiles

Meet UBC’s latest Rhodes Scholar: Fatima Zehra Naqvi
Winning a Rhodes Scholarship feels life-changing. But I feel I did not win it on my own. I am very blessed to have had people around me who believed in me, pushed me, and supported me when things got challenging during my degree.

Student Screenwriter Roberto Attieh Wins Audience Choice Award at Cannes
Third-year Faculty of Arts student Roberto Attieh recently won the “Audience Choice Award” at the Diversity in Cannes short film festival.

Nika Moeini: Outstanding Leader in the UBC Community 2017 Award Winner
Every Arts student should find a group they’re passionate about (or start one!), take an opportunity to do a course or semester abroad, and connect with professors. You only get to be an undergraduate at UBC once, so make the most of it!

Astghik Hairapetian: Outstanding Leader in the Faculty of Arts 2017 Award Winner
What make the Faculty of Arts special is the diversity of thought, talents and passions it encompasses.

Morrell Andrews: Outstanding Leader in the UBC Community and Beyond 2017 Award Winner
I have traveled to twenty countries in my degree alone... I have been fortunate to see the world and apply what I learned in the classroom to the issues on the ground.

Skyler Wang: Academic Contribution to the Faculty of Arts 2016 Award Winner
I really recommend young scholars who aspire for a career in academia to take their research to big conferences – I definitely grew a lot from attending them.

Rebecca Peng – BC’s Best Co-op Student in 2016
Rebecca’s supervisor commended her as the “best marketing co-op student” and consistently ranked her qualities [as] being in the top 3rd percentile...

Student Curators, Karol, Karen, and Kathryn
We wanted to make the exhibit exciting for everyone, not just English majors...

Arts students co-create Dostoevsky library exhibit
"Crime and Punishment at 150", an exhibit created by Prof. Katia Bowers and her students, is on display at the Cambridge University Library.

Arts Co-op Student Profile: Lara-Sophie Boleslawsky
English Honours. Arts Co-op Placement at the Vancouver Arts Colloquium Society.