Creating Another World
MFA Theatre Design and Production graduate Kimira Bhikum is transforming set design through virtual reality.

Meet Christine Yang – Arts Internship Program Student of the Year
Program of Study: Sociology UBC Affiliations: Arts Internship Program, Arts Undergraduate Society, Arts Tri-Mentorship Program Awards: Arts Internship Program Student of the Year Award Where can we connect with you? LinkedIn, Instagram How did you choose your academic program? I decided to major in Sociology after taking an introductory course with Chris Mackenzie. He was so inspiring […]

Filza Raza: Outstanding Leader in the UBC Community
"Taking risks and having faith in your capabilities is the key to making the most out of your university experience."

Rohina Dass: Outstanding Leader in the UBC Community
"Being a student leader means finding what you care about, finding the community that cares about it too, and doing great work together."

Camile Oliveira: Outstanding Leader in the Faculty of Arts
"Once you start listening to people’s experiences and opinions, you will become a more inclusive and open-minded leader."

Aydan Con: Outstanding Leader in the UBC Community and Beyond
Arts students are fortunate to study in a faculty that encourages interdisciplinary thinking and problem solving through different academic lenses. We get to think critically about situations encountered in the varied literature and problems we encounter every day in our coursework.

Maryam Dada: Outstanding Leader in the UBC Community and Beyond
"I knew that if there was a way to help people, simply by listening to them, then I wanted to learn how to do it."

ORICE offers transformative learning experiences around the world
Learning placement in Uganda was “the most memorable part of my UBC career,” says Psychology student Danielle Renning.

Calling All Music Lovers
Five new pianos in locations across campus are waiting to be played.

Meet two students bringing awareness to climate change research at UBC
The Climate Hub is open to all students who want to get involved with programs, events and education surrounding climate change and climate justice.