Scholarships & Awards

For general information about awards, fees and finances, visit Student Financial Services and Awards.

Financial Support

UBC is committed to increasing funding so that all domestic (Canadian citizens and permanent residents) and continuing students are not denied the privilege to study at UBC due to financial reasons. Student funding is divided into two categories:

1. Merit-based Funding – such as scholarships and prizes, which are awarded based on academic achievement.

2. Need-based Funding – such as bursaries, loans and grants, which are awarded according to assessed financial need.

For details on merit-based and need-based funding, visit the Types of Financial Support page of UBC’s Finances webpage.

Scholarships for Newly Admitted Students

A “Newly Admitted Student” is a student who has never before studied at UBC, except High School students attending concurrently. UBC offers several scholarships that range from $500 to $40,000. Every applicant who applies by a set deadline is automatically assessed for a scholarship, which are awarded on admission averages starting at 90% (on a 50% pass scale).

More information on scholarships

Plan your finances early: if you find you don’t have the resources to attend UBC you should apply for a student loan. Most UBC bursaries require that you submit an application for a student loan. See Awards: Scholarships & Bursaries.

Merit based Scholarships for Current Students (or Continuing Students)

UBC scholarships which are based entirely on academic performance need no application.  Merit Scholarships awarded in the current UBC Winter Session are assessed based on academic work completed in the previous UBC Winter Session. For example,  scholarships offered for the upcoming 2017 Winter session will be determined based on academic standing from the 2016 Winter Session.  Summer session grades are not included in the GPA.

Generally, in order to be eligible for an academic based merit scholarship offered by the Faculty of Arts,Vancouver Campus,

A 2018W UBC-V student must have attended UBC as a degree student in the previous 2017W Winter Session; and,

  • for 2017W the student must have completed at least 24 percentage graded credits and achieved no failures overall;
    • All grades must be entered by August 31 for every course started in the 2017W session; and,
    • the student’s scholarship GPA standing will be based on a minimum of 24 percentage graded credit completed in the 2017W session.  Students who completed more than 24 credits will have their scholarship standing determined from the best of their 24 credits;
  • in 2018W the student must be registered to complete at least 24 percentage graded credits, or sufficient credits to gradaute.  Dropping below 24 credits may result in a request for your scholarship to be returned unless you receive approval to attend on less than 24 credits due to documented and valid reasons such as illness, etc.


  • Distance Education courses will only be recognized towards your scholarship average if they are started and finished (grade entered) in the same winter session.  A T standing indicates your record is incomplete and scholarships will not be offered until every course has a final grade assigned.
  • High Achieving students (averages of 86% or better) are often missed missed for the TREK and other Continuing Scholarships if they fall into one of these categories.  If you suspect that this might occur to you, please contact your ESA by July 31st
    • Students who completed 24 percentage graded courses in the previous Winter term but, are in their final year of study and require less than 24 credits to graduate.  The report will miss you because it searches for students with 24 credits.  Speak to an Arts Advisor and have them send an email to your ESA confirming the number of credits needed for graduation and that you have registered in for the necessary courses to graduate in May 2019.)
    • Varsity Athletes who are approved for scholarship consideration on less than 24 credits.  The report will miss you because you have less than 24 credits.
    • Students with approval from the Centre for Accessibility to attend on a reduced load.  Arrange with your Accessibility Advisor to send an email to your ESA.
    • Students who attend an approved Go Global exchange will show less than 24 credits completed at UBC.  If you attended a Go Global experience in 2017W then you must (1) notify your ESA by July 31st AND (2) ensure that your final transcript is submitted to your ESA to assess your overall GPA per UBC equivalency charts.  Submitting your transcript to Go Global will not ensure this step is taken.  You must ask Go Global to send a copy of the transcript to your ESA to be assessed for scholarships.

Please note:  We have indicated 86% as a suggested cut off.  In fact most scholarships go to students with much higher averages.

UBC scholarships based on a combination of academic performance and additional requirements will require an application.  Please see: Scholarships and Awards that Require an Application

  • Trek Excellence Scholarship – $1,500 awarded to top 5% of students in the Faculty.
  • The Faculty of Arts Dean’s Office and departments nominate students for awards, usually on the basis of academic achievement.
Also visit Scholarships Available from Organizations Outside UBC