Places on Campus to Study

Haven’t found that perfect study location yet? Why not try a few of these?


Asian Library – Tucked behind the C.K. Choi Building and some really big trees, this library located in the Asian Centre is quiet for studying.

Koerner Library – This library is more than it appears. Not only does it have four floors above ground, it has two below. You can find group study rooms on level one, which can be booked at the desk on level two. There are also study carrels on every floor for individual study.

Woodward Library – The Woodward Biomedical Library has study rooms on the second and third floors. No booking required.

Music Library – This library is on the top floor of the music building. It’s nice and quiet, though you may hear the hum of an orchestra from time to time.

Law Library – Located inside Allard Hall, this library is spacious and quiet. Its location near Buchanan doesn’t hurt either.

Education Library – This beautiful and spacious library in the Scarfe Building has huge windows, comfy couches, and is quiet and never crowded.

Xwi7xwa Library – This secret library is tucked in the serene and lush surroundings in the First Nations Longhouse. The peaceful rushing of the mini waterfall will bring about a calm atmosphere, perfect for studying.

Irving K. Barber Learning Centre – Part library, part classrooms, part resource centre, part cafe, IKBLC has lots to offer for group, open and silent study options. The Learning Centre also houses the Chapman Learning Commons, and is open 24/7 during exam period.

Reading Rooms

Language Education Reading Centre – Ponderosa Annex F, Room 103 – Dive into your studies on a comfy couch amongst historical language education texts, children’s literature, and more.

Architecture Reading Room – Lasserre Building, Room 9 – Although only open during the day, this reading room is spacious and warm. Its proximity to Buchanan makes it a choice study spot.

Crane Resource Centre – Brock Hall Annex – Located close to Buchanan and the bus loop, this study space is very convenient.

Coolie Verner Memorial Reading Room – Ponderosa Annex F, Room 201 – Want to study away from the buzz of campus? Immerse yourself in the modest but tranquil quarters of this reading room.

ICICS/Computer Science Reading Room – ICICS, Room 262 – Immerse yourself in your studies in the reading room at the Institute for Computing, Information, and Cognitive Systems (ICICS).

Empty Classrooms

Empty classrooms are great for group studying – you’ve got the board, the desks and the classroom atmosphere. Watch out though – an incoming class may displace you. Good places to try include Buchanan (Block D especially), Henry AngusBiology,Hennings and Brock Hall Annex.


International House Upper Lounge – Not only does this lounge have a nice big table to spread out on, International House always has something going on.

Meekison Arts Student Space (MASS) – Buchanan D140 – This is the Arts Undergraduate Society’s dedicated study and social space for Arts students.

Undergraduate Lounges – Most departments have lounges for their students. Couches and microwaves are common fixtures.

Here are a few in Buchanan Tower:
2nd Floor – Department of Central, Eastern, and North European Studies Reading Room
4th Floor – Department of English Underground Lounge and Study Room
8th Floor: Department of French, Hispanic and Italian Studies Lounge
10th Floor: Department of Economics and History Library

A few more can be found across campus:
Geography Lounge – Geography Building
Music Lounge – Music Building
Anthropology and Sociology Lounge – Anthropology and Sociology Building
First Nations and Indigenous Studies, First Nations and Endangered Languages, and Humanities 101 Lounge – Buchanan E259
Creative Writing Lounge – Buchanan E466
Political Science Lounge – Buchanan C303

Other Spots

AMS Student Nest – The nest offers lots of nooks and study spots, with a bevy of food and coffee options nearby

Woodward/IRC Concourse – The tables located in this concourse are popular with Life Sciences students for studying and lunching.

Nitobe Memorial Garden – Study with the backdrop of lush plants and tranquil waters in this authentic Japanese garden. You might even spot a koi.

Restaurants in University Village – With a large number of choices, the restaurants in the Village are a great place for a study date. Blenz, Pita Pit, Starbucks, and Vera’s are only a few among the many locales to choose from.

The Fairview Beanery – Tucked along the winding Fairview Crescent is the Beanery, a mellow and homey coffee house.