Adding a Minor

You can add a minor in a specialization in the Faculty of Arts, the Faculty of Science, or apply for the minor in commerce.

A minor in Arts requires a total of 30 credits in the specialization, 18 of which must be at the upper level.

Some specializations do require certain courses, averages and an application, so ensure you consult the department offering the minor you want to take.

You can add a minor through the Student Service Centre. If the minor you want to add is not listed on the Student Service Centre, contact Arts Academic Advising.

Minors that require applications and/or department approvals:

Minor in Science

Arts students can also complete a Minor in Science. Only courses recognized for credit in the Faculty of Science and acceptable for a science major in the proposed subject area can apply towards the minor, and it must consist of at least 18 credits numbered 300 or higher in one program specialization, together with any necessary prerequisites. The following restrictions apply:

  • B.A. Geography majors may not minor in any one of the following disciplines: geography, geology, geophysics, or oceanography
  • B.A. Mathematics majors may not minor in B.Sc. mathematics
  • B.A. Psychology majors may not minor in B.Sc. psychology

Note: Students who wish to pursue a Minor in Science should be aware of the prerequisites of many of the upper-level Science courses. Space in many courses is limited. Admission to a science minor does not guarantee access to courses agreed upon for the minor.