Romance Studies

French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and other languages and civilizations (called Romance because they resulted from ancient Rome’s domination of Western Europe) have been brought to the four corners of the world by successive waves of migration, miscegenation, and settlement.

Students in the Romance Studies Program track the commonalities that, beyond a bewildering gamut of differences, subtend the past and present features shared — in language, history, beliefs, literature, political structure, and civilization — by people living as far apart as Northern Europe, Quebec, the Amazons, and the Southern Cone in Latin America.

An Honours degree in Romance Studies is also available.

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Admission to the Honours program requires an application to the Romances Studies advisor in the department of French, Hispanic and Italian studies, normally before the end of your second year.

If you have any questions regarding applications, please contact the department.


Lauren Wright: French, Spanish, and the Environment

Encompassed in the Department of French, Hispanic, and Italian Studies (FHIS), the Honors Program in Romance Studies allows students to explore multiple languages.  Although it is a relatively small program at UBC, fourth-year student Lauren Wright decided that it was the perfect fit for her. “I came to UBC knowing that I wanted to study […]


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