Religion, Literature, and the Arts

In most literary cultures around the world, religious perspectives have often been very influential, and the relationship between religion and literary, artistic, and musical expression often gives formal (or official) expression to a religious community’s understanding of itself and its faith. Examples include icons, hymns, homilies, and the lives of founding figures such as the Buddha.

Religion, Literature, and the Arts is an interdisciplinary program that offers students the chance to explore topics in Art History; Visual Arts and Theory; Asian Studies; Central, Eastern and Northern European Studies; Classical, Near Eastern and Religious Studies; English; First Nations; French, Hispanic and Italian Studies; and Theatre, Film and Creative Writing.


You must meet in person with either the Chair of the Religion, Literature, and the Arts program or one of the advisors to design your course of study. The major and minor may be declared on the Student Service Centre (SSC).


Religion, Literature and the Arts Program website

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Andy Resto: Taking a Broader Perspective

Andy Resto is a fifth-year Religion, Literature and the Arts (RLGA) student with a Russian minor. Currently in his final year of studies, Andy enjoys the degree for its interdisciplinary nature and the ability to combine his interest in multiple fields.