Rebekka Sørensen-Kjelstrup




Rebekka reflects on her UBC years:

I had a great experience at UBC.  Three years of hard work and great design opportunities.  UBC gave me the opportunity to work hands-on on many projects while shadowing great designers.

UBC is a place where you get what you put into it.  I worked in the wardrobe department while being a student, so I pretty much lived in the Freddy Wood Theatre.  I enrolled to take set design classes and somehow found myself in Alison Green‘s Costume History class and then it all just happened from there.  While studying costume and set design I was very please with my professors.  Alison Green and Robert Gardiner were extremely helpful and good at teaching us their trade.  I started working out there in the real world before I graduated as Alison and Robert recommended me for theatre design gigs.

BIO: Rebekka Sørensen-Kjelstrup is a talented, Emmy award-winning costume designer with 15 years of dynamic, professional experience. She specializes in designing costumes that visually expresses the individual traits of the characters, which adds another important layer to the story being told.

Next up for Rebekka?

“You Me Her”, a TV series for Direct TV