Visiting Students

The Faculty of Arts accepts students who are in good standing at another accredited university and would like to attend UBC for a session, with the intention of returning to their home institution with transfer credit.

Visit here for information on eligibility and instructions on how to apply.

Admission to UBC as a Visiting student does not guarantee a spot in your choice courses. If you are already attending UBC as a Visiting student and wish to remain for another session, contact for more information.

UBC Arts students may attend another university with a Letter of Permission.

Visiting Students from UBC Okanagan

UBC Vancouver and UBC Okanagan are two distinct campus’ and students are not able to cross between them without first receiving approval.

UBCV’s Faculty of Arts makes seats available to UBCO cross campus visitors based on the following:

  • Seats are made available where, for academic reasons, a senior student prefers to take a FEW courses within the Faculty of Arts to round out their program of study. Normally these courses are at the 300/400 level. The student’s intent is to graduate from UBCO.
  • A UBCO student must be in good standing at their home campus; they must have completed at least 24  percentage graded credits of on-campus courses at UBCO (with grades received) and, within these courses, achieved an overall average of 68%.  The average is determined on the most recently attempted courses.
  • On the pre-requisite courses, completed at UBC-O, achieved an average of at least 60%.
  • A UBCO student may register in no more than 15 credits of courses (overall) that are administered by UBCV Faculty of Arts.
  • A UBCO student, who wishes to take a further term of study with UBCV Faculty of Arts, will be considered on a case by case basis. Permission may be granted where the student has a GPA of 74% or higher, the courses requested are at the 400 level, and clear reasons are stated for how those courses add to the academic and scholarly experience of the student.
  • Unfortunately, due to demand from Vancouver Arts students, some Departments limit enrollment in certain courses or all courses.  For example, the Department of Economics is only available to UBC Vancouver students.  Popular courses will not have seats  available for Cross Campus registration

Students wishing to attend as a cross campus visitor must first discuss their plans with a UBCO student advisor. They may then apply via email no later than 8 weeks prior to the first day of classes. Please email requests to Arts Student Secretary. This request is only for courses administered by the Faculty of Arts. If you wish to attend courses administered by any other faculty please email your request to Cross Campus.

Once an email is received we will correspond with you to arrange your approval to register and then your course selection and registration.

Please Note:
UBCO students who wish to complete more than 15 credits or who wish to ensure registration in their courses prior to August, are recommended to apply for admission to UBCV Faculty of Arts, even if it is not their intent to graduate from UBCV. The advantages of being admitted to the UBCV Faculty of Arts are:

  • Earlier notification of admission
  • Early registration date for courses
  • You may register in more than 15 credits of courses (please be sure that your UBCO advisor approves for transfer any course you attend)
  • You are in charge of adding and dropping courses rather than emailing your requests to a third party.
  • You may register in courses with less than 5 seats available

Normal admission deadlines and competitive admission averages apply to UBCO students who choose this route. Please see UBC Admissions for further information. Applicants will be considered as post-secondary studies transfer students.

Pursuing knowledge, but not necessarily a degree

If you’re looking to take some courses in the Faculty for interest sake or to prepare for another degree program, but not looking to pursue a BA, you may apply as an Access Studies student. If you already have a bachelor’s degree, you should apply as an unclassified student.