Transferring from another UBC Vancouver Faculty

Students presently registered in another UBC faculty may apply to transfer to Arts by:

  • Applying through the Student Service Centre by May 15th.
  • Students are considered for admission on the most recent 30 credits and may be considered for faculty transfer with as little as 18 credits however, students with less than 18 credits will be considered only on appeal.

Please Note:

  • If a student has completed more than 30 credits, Admissions will calculate the student’s admission average from the most recent 30 credits.
  • Students will be placed into the appropriate year level based upon the number of credits they have completed. After a failed year in another faculty, students must complete 30 transferable credits at another post-secondary institution and meet the competitive admission average for the year level in Arts to which they are applying.
  • If an applicant’s GPA falls below the competitive cut-off for the year, their application may be considered on appeal.


Applying Transfer Credits to Your Degree

It is important to be aware of how your transfer credits will apply to your degree. Click here to learn about transfer credit limits and how transfer credits apply to degree requirements.