Admission: CEGEP Students

UBC requires that you complete at least one full year of a two-year academic diploma program. If you’ve completed your two-year Diplome d’etudes collegiales (DEC), you’ll be eligible for second-year placement.

Admission averages are determined each year based on number of applicants, number of available seats, and averages of our applicants.

The required admission average to Arts may change from one year to the next, but historically, a student with only one year of a DEC completed has required an average of 85-87% (on a 60% pass scale) for admission to first-year.

Applicants with a two-year DEC have historically required an average of 76-77% (on a 60% pass scale) for admission to second year.

R-scores or CRC may be used in addition to your CEGEP average. We will only use your R-score if it’s to your advantage. A competitive R-score would normally be in the range of 27-29.

Admission requirements for CEGEP applicants

If you’ve followed a Grade 12 secondary school curriculum (ie. Bishops College School, Stanstead, Lower Canada College), refer to admission requirements for Ontario applicants.

Applying Transfer Credits to Your Degree

It is important to be aware of how your transfer credits will apply to your degree. Click here to learn about transfer credit limits and how transfer credits apply to degree requirements.