Admission: Applying From Another Institution or From UBC Okanagan

About one-third of UBC’s new students have started their post-secondary studies at a college or another university. Courses completed at an accredited university or college are evaluated for transfer credit. BC college students can verify transferability of courses by checking the BC transfer guide.

Almost all courses completed at another accredited Canadian university in a degree program (bachelor’s program) will be eligible for transfer credit, up to a maximum of 60 credits (more may be applied if your degree program requires more than 120 credits). You must complete at least half of your degree requirements at UBC to get a UBC degree.

A transfer student has completed at least 24 credits (typically four full-year courses or eight semester courses). Transfer students are evaluated for admission on the basis of their post-secondary work only, not their secondary school transcript.

If you have more than 6 but fewer than 24 college/university credits, you’ll be required to meet the admission requirements as a high school applicant as well as the admission requirements as a college/university applicant. Thus, it’s recommended that students complete at least 24 credits.

From UBC-O to UBC-V

To apply to transfer from our Okanagan campus to our Vancouver campus, you must apply through the Student Service Centre by the application deadline.

All UBC-O courses transfer to UBC-V. If you completed courses elsewhere, those courses will be evaluated for transfer to UBC-V.

To receive your UBC-V Bachelor of Arts (BA), you must complete a minimum of 60 credits, 24 at the upper level and 15 upper-level in your major once you are admitted to the Faculty of Arts.

Entering a Major

Arts students officially enter their major as a third-year student. If you have completed two years at a college or another university (including UBC-O), you’ll likely be placed in third year. Therefore, you need to choose your major.

You can select your major by logging into the Student Service Centre.

With few exceptions, you do not need to submit an application to enter a major or minor program, simply add your major through the Student Service Centre.

You need to submit your application to these majors by their deadlines – even if you have not yet been evaluated for admission to the Faculty of Arts. Provided you have submitted your application for admission to the Faculty of Arts, the departments will accept your application to their programs.

If you are planning on entering any honours program, you must apply to the department.

Admission Average

We use your 30 most recent transferable credits to calculate your admission average.

The minimum average required for admission may vary from year to year, depending of the number of seats available and the demand for those seats. Historically, the minimum average required for admission into Arts has been around 3.2 to 3.4 (on a 4.33 scale) or 75-77% (on a 50%-pass scale).

Average Required for Entering Majors

Some programs in the Faculty of Arts require certain averages, and may calculate that average on certain courses. That is, you might be admitted to the Faculty of Arts, but that does not guarantee you admission into economics, English, minor in commerce, or other programs that admit on a competitive basis.

Applying Transfer Credits to Your Degree

It is important to be aware of how your transfer credits will apply to your degree. Click here to learn about transfer credit limits and how transfer credits apply to degree requirements.