Political Science

The study of Political Science increases our understanding of critical issues and developments that affect our lives.

Examples of such issues are the nature of power, the causes of conflict, the tensions of Canadian federalism, security in the post-Cold War international system, globalization, critiques of liberal democracy, feminist analysis, democratization, and the rise of Asia.

The Department of Political Science offers a number of programs, including the Major, Minor, and Honours in Political Science, the Honours in Political Science with International Relations and the Combined Majors in:

  • Political Science and Economics
  • Political Science and Philosophy

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Admission to the major, combined major, or honours program requires an application by May 15 prior to registering for third-year. The minor can be declared on the Student Service Centre (SSC) when you have third-year standing.

If you have any questions regarding applications, please contact the department.


Morrell Andrews: Outstanding Leader in the UBC Community and Beyond 2017 Award Winner

I have traveled to twenty countries in my degree alone... I have been fortunate to see the world and apply what I learned in the classroom to the issues on the ground.

Audrey Tong: Community Contributions to the Faculty of Arts 2016 Award Winner

The Centre for Student Involvement and Careers had a chance to speak with 2016’s Community Contributions to the Faculty of Arts Award Winner, Audrey Tong about her academic interests, UBC experiences and post-graduation plans. Post written by Zining Wang. Why did you decide to study Political Science and International Relations? My passion for political science and […]

Michelle Silongan: Beyond Borders

Michelle Silongan (BA ’09, MPP ’11) is interested in the intersections between political science, public policy, and law. She is a proponent of the United States studies program at UBC, which she minored in along with her political science major.

Yasin Kiraga: Facing challenges and seeking opportunity

Yasin Kiraga is a Political Science major with a minor in International Relations whose diverse background has motivated him to view his lived experiences in a global context and create change for those who need it most. As a student sponsored by the World University Services of Canada (WUSC) Student Refugee program, he describes his time at UBC as both a challenge and an opportunity.

Harsev Oshan: President of the Arts Undergraduate Society (AUS)

Harsev Oshan, a third-year international student majoring in Political Science and a member of the Sigma Chi Fraternity, was elected President of the Arts Undergraduate Society (AUS) back in April 2012.


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