Meet two students bringing awareness to climate change research at UBC

Adriana Laurent Seibt (left) and Claire Johnson (right) are helping to organize this week’s Climate Solutions Showcase at the AMS Nest.

Curious to learn how UBC students, staff and researchers are addressing climate change?

On Thursday October 25, the UBC Climate Hub hosting a Climate Solutions Showcase to display the solutions-focused progress happening at UBC. Researchers, staff, and students working on climate solutions will present their research and projects, brainstorm opportunities for knowledge mobilization, and forge connections with like-minded members of the campus community and external partners.

The day-long event will involve interdisciplinary roundtables, climate-focused workshops, Pecha Kucha style presentations on graduate student research, climate art in the Hatch Art Gallery, a boothing fair during the lunch hour, and an interactive room.  We spoke to two UBC students—Claire Johnson and Adriana Laurent Seibt—who are passionate about bringing awareness to climate change and are helping to organize the showcase.

How did you get involved with the UBC Climate Hub and what have you most enjoyed about this community?

Claire: I became involved while searching for an opportunity to find direction in my last year of study as a Human Geography student. The Climate Hub is open to all students who want to get involved with programs, events and education surrounding climate change and climate justice. The Climate Hub has allowed me to make connections across so many faculties at UBC.

I had no idea that there is so much collaboration going on to bring awareness to climate change and focus on solutions for the short and long-term. My main concern is how we can create more accountability within climate solutions at all spatial scales.

Adriana: I got involved with the Climate Hub as the Events Coordinator because I was looking for a student-driven organization focused on connecting members of the climate action and climate justice movement. Anyone is welcome to join the Climate Hub—climate change will impact everyone and we are always looking to meet new people who are passionate about the topic!
What I’ve enjoyed most so far is being inspired by all the people I’ve had the privilege to meet through my work as the Events Coordinator. It’s incredible to see how people from different academic backgrounds and faculties are so driven and passionate about climate change and climate justice.

What are you most excited about for the upcoming Climate Solutions Showcase?

Claire: Through my department [Geography], I have had many opportunities to discuss climate change and politics, justice, food security, and health. I am most intrigued by topics outside my discipline, such as: ‘Sustainable Engineering and Climate Change’. The Climate Solutions Showcase presents many great opportunities to learn both inside and outside of your specialties.

Adriana: I’m excited about every session in the Showcase! I think the Showcase has something for any audience member interested in climate. All the sessions are meant to be interdisciplinary and cover 11 different topics around climate. On a personal level, I’m interested in the climate communications session and the climate art exhibit in the Hatch Art Gallery!

The Climate Solutions Showcase takes place Thursday October 25 from 9:30-6:00pm in the AMS Student Nest. Everyone is welcome. More details and register.