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*Launching September 2018*

What does APAC do?

Meeting with an Arts Peer Academic Coach (APAC) is a great way to keep motivated throughout the term and discover more about yourself as a learner. The APAC coaches help students improve their learning experience through one-on-one coaching conversations on academic related skills and tasks. Talking with a coach can help you engage with the next steps of your task or get help with that obstacle that’s holding you back.

Are you feeling a little stuck and unsure how to proceed? Are you looking for more effective ways to revise for exams? Meet with a coach to discuss strategies to improve your study habits, time management skills or even to walk through an academic task together.

Coaches can also talk to you about your experience as a student holistically, and recommend ways to get involved. Getting involved in your campus community is a great way to enhance your learning experience.

Ways to get in contact with APAC

APAC’s coaching hours are hosted in the Meekison Arts Student Space in Buchanan D140. (Down the hall from Arts Academic Advising). There are two ways to meet with a coach:

  • Drop-in hours. Come by the space between 1pm-4pm on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the term.
  • Book an appointment in advance.

Great news – peer coaching is free! Come on your own, or bring a friend. Come by once, or several times to meet some of the different coaches on the team.

What should I expect?

Each coaching conversation is different as it is tailored to the needs and goals of the individual student. The coach will be friendly, compassionate, and non-judgmental, and will ask questions to identify the root cause of an obstacle or your goals for the appointment. You can expect to do most of the talking! Together with your coach, you might create an action plan or walk away with resources to support the strategies discussed during the appointment.

Meet your coaches

The APAC coaches are a group of upper-year students who know what it’s like to learn and study in the Faculty of Arts at UBC. They are all volunteers who study in a variety of different departments and share a common goal of seeing other students succeed. Coaches are trained in self-regulated learning techniques to support student self-reflection and growth. APAC coaches grew to become academically successful by overcoming their own obstacles as students. They can relate to student experiences and provide you with strategies to improve your academic experience.



Contact Olivia Jenkinson, Student Engagement Officer (Arts) at the Centre for Student Involvement & Careers: