Gain professional experience – while taking classes!

The Arts Internship Program offers meaningful, career-related experiences that enable students to expand their resumes and build transferable skills. Internships integrate academic learning with practical work experience, helping students gain network connections outside of the university and better knowledge of career paths.

  • Internships are part-time, unpaid placements for undergraduate students in the Faculty of Arts.
  • No fees for Community Partners or student participants.
  • 2 program cycles per year (beginning in January and May).
  • Internships are 4 to 8 months in length, 8-12 hours per week.

To participate in an Arts Internship, you must:

  • Be able to commit to 8-12 hours per week during a 4 to 8 month internship – exact hours will depend on the individual position.
  • Be an undergraduate student in the Faculty of Arts at the UBC Vancouver campus.
  • Have second year standing or higher. First-year students who have completed the first-year English requirement may be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • Be in good academic standing, maintaining a minimum average of 65% from the previous academic term (not including the summer term).

For more information related to international student eligibility see

To submit an application:

  1. Click on the 'Apply' button at the bottom of this page, and complete the application survey.
  2. Sign up for an interview slot (information on how to do this is provided upon completion of the survey)

More information on important dates and deadlines.

After your online application has been approved, the following are your next steps:  

1. Interview for the Program

Selected students will be invited to register for an interview. Acceptance into the program is based on scores from both the online application and the interview.

2. Participate in an Orientation

Accepted students must attend a mandatory 2-hour orientation, where you will learn skills and strategies to help you succeed in securing internships and maximizing your workplace experience.

3. Apply to Positions

Apply for internships that interest you directly on CareersOnline.

4. Interview for Positions

Community partners conduct interview, screening, and selection processes to hire interns for their internship positions.

5. Complete Program Requirements

Completion of the program requires that you complete 3 mandatory assignments and a post-internship debrief session. Selected students will also participate in a mandatory midterm site visit to review and reflect on learning outcomes.

Students wishing to receive a Certificate of Excellence must complete an additional 3 optional assignments.

1. An internship can help you explore career opportunities with an Arts degree.

Learn about the wide range of career trajectories available to you with an Arts degree. Gain valuable experiences developing professional skills and integrating knowledge and skills you develop in the classroom with the world of work.

2. An internship is a professional workplace experience.

Identify what you want, and perhaps what you don’t want in a future workplace. Participating in an internship can help you determine whether or not a particular career is a good fit for you.

3. An internship can help you develop practical skills to add to your resume.

Receive hands-on training and develop professional and practical skills in the workplace that can contribute to your employ-ability.

4. An internship can help you develop your professional network and build important industry contacts.

Develop and expand your networks with peers and professionals, which may lead to future career opportunities.

5. An internship can help you reflect on, and articulate your skills and experiences.

Make meaningful connections between your internship and professional, personal and academic experiences. Identify transferable skills and strengths and how they can contribute to future workplaces.

The Arts Internship Program will be not be accepting applications from students during the 2019/2020 school year. Watch this page for program updates!