Community Partner Experiences


“I have been involved with the Arts Internship Program as a Community Partner for the past two years on behalf of the non-profit organization I work for at. The experience has been really rewarding for everyone involved. Our organization has directly benefited from the dedication of bright, engaged students with incredible work ethics. As a supervisor and UBC alumnus I have had the opportunity to further develop my leadership and communication skills, while maintaining a strong connection to my Alma mater. Most importantly, the Faculty of Arts students who have been placed at our organization have had the ability to refine their soft skills and gain the experience of working in the non-profit sector, while supporting marginalized individuals from across the province. It’s really a win-win-win!”

Kayla Johnson; Intake Coordinator, Access Pro Bono Society of BC


“In 2016 the Food Skills for Families team at Diabetes Canada had the fortunate luck to receive an invitation to participate in the Arts Internship program at UBC. How were we to know that so many bright, eager and talented students would be interested in working with our organization? Applicants were from a variety of backgrounds and many were passionate about highlighting the issue of type 2 diabetes and healthy eating through their engagement with our program. What is remarkable is the students’ engagement, commitment and devotion to their internship in combination with studies, work and outside interests.

Their contributions have been very valuable and we have enjoyed their friendly and positive attitudes around the office. We have shared our experience with others in the BC offices of Diabetes Canada and hope to continue being part of this program for many years to come.”

Karen Coulson; Program Manager, Food Skills for Families, Diabetes Canada


Quotes from the Post-Internship Community Partner Survey:

“We have interns help us with our annual Daffodil Campaign which is a massive undertaking for any organization – the interns who join us for this have a large part in the success of this campaign including connecting to volunteers, organizing information about fundraising and volunteers, scheduling fundraising events, and providing feedback and information about the campaign to the general public. We really could not accomplish all that we do without their support.”

“We hired a Communications Assistant on to help with developing and redesigning case studies. The intern surpassed our expectations in terms of the design, quality, and speed of work. We were very impressed and pleased with the end result, and this has provided us with an ongoing template for use in future case studies. We are also able to showcase our case studies to potential clients with a fresh new look.”

“It has been a great experience. We have been able to accomplish much more than we thought we ever could with the help of UBC Interns. The students we have worked with have been phenomenal. They are always willing to learn, take on new projects and are extremely mature and professional when required to be.”

“As a non-profit organization, we are so grateful to have the support of interns through the UBC Arts Internship Program. These students have been so beneficial in supporting our work and we have loved watching them learn and grow!”