Arts Career Conversations

Preparing for life after university one conversation at a time

Between papers, projects, mid-terms and finals, it can be hard to take a moment to think about life after university. And as an Arts student – with skills transferable across diverse industries – it can be even harder to envision exactly what to do with your Arts degree when you graduate.

The Arts Career Conversations series is designed for Arts students like you to inspire and prepare you for your career in quick, two-hour bursts. This three-part series brings in Arts alumni experts to talk about entrepreneurship, technology jobs, and the realities of #adulting. Each event includes open networking opportunities so you can start building your professional connections now.


My Career Story: Entrepreneur Edition

October 3, 2019 | 6-8pm

Dodson Room, Irving K. Barber Learning Centre

Curious about building your own business or exploring a side hustle? With critical thinking skills, adaptability, and creativity, Arts students are particularly well-suited to becoming entrepreneurs. Come hear firsthand stories from a panel of Arts alumni who’ve built successful businesses.


The Art of Tech

January 2020

Did you know that the skills you are gaining as an arts student – communications, critical thinking, and collaboration – are all in high demand from technology companies? Tech is not just for programmers anymore. In this flash mentoring experience, learn directly from Arts alumni how your BA can help you build a career in tech.


Reality Bites

March 2020

You’re about to graduate… then what? Adjusting to life after graduation can be hard – career planning, financial responsibilities, professional networking – it can all get a bit overwhelming. Join alumni for candid conversations over dinner as they share how they adapted to the “real world.”


All three Arts Career Conversations are free for students.