Involvement & Careers

Plan for the Future with Involvement

As an Arts undergraduate, your learning may begin in the classroom, but it shouldn’t stop there. Taking the initiative to become involved in programs, clubs, and other extracurricular activities is an important part of your undergraduate experience at UBC.

There are a wide range of programs and services that can help you discover what you can do with your degree. If you’re not sure what you’d like to do with your major, there are plenty of ways to explore potential opportunities. You will find that the best way to plan for your future career is through involvement.

Experiences that you have outside the classroom will help build interpersonal skills and grow your networks, which in turn will help you to find work after graduation.

What are my options?

Programs such as Arts Co-op and Arts Internship allow you to gain work experience that will help to connect your major to your career goals and build your resume.

International and Community-Based Learning programs provide you with hands-on experiences and allow you to challenge yourself in a new learning environment. Applying your course-based knowledge in a real-world context can help develop your areas of interest and allow for a better understanding of the kind of work you may want to pursue.

Taking part in leadership opportunities such as Peer Programs and Orientations will allow you to network with students, faculty and staff. Developing strong connections will improve your interpersonal skills and can provide you with contacts for future career opportunities.

Leading a Student-Directed Seminar allows you to take control of your learning and share your own unique interests with other students. Becoming involved with Research in Arts allows you to make contributions to a specific field and develop practical and relevant skills for the future.

Explore your interest with a student-run club or association and interact with like-minded individuals. These extra-curricular commitments are a fun way to build your resume and grow your networks.

Learning Experiences = Stepping Stones to Success

These are just a few of the learning experiences and involvement opportunities that act as stepping stones for your future career. You may never again have as many opportunities for involvement as you do during your undergraduate experience at UBC, so don’t be afraid to dive in! The earlier you become involved, the more time you have to take advantage of the opportunities available to you.

Do something that makes you stand out, feel engaged, and better prepared for life after University.

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