International Relations

The International Relations program is an interdisciplinary undergraduate degree program in the Faculty of Arts.

The program enables students to develop an in-depth understanding of international relations by combining the insights and perspectives of different disciplines such as Economics, History, Political Science, Geography, Anthropology, and Asian Studies with the study of languages.

The International Relations Program offers a Major and a Minor. Honours programs in International Relations are available through the Political Science or History departments.

A combined honours is available in:

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Admission to the honours or major programs requires an application by May 15.

The minor can be declared on the Student Service Centre (SSC) when you have third-year standing.

If you have any questions regarding applications, please contact the department.


Rohina Dass: Outstanding Leader in the UBC Community

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Camile Oliveira: Outstanding Leader in the Faculty of Arts

"Once you start listening to people’s experiences and opinions, you will become a more inclusive and open-minded leader."

Nika Moeini: Outstanding Leader in the UBC Community 2017 Award Winner

Every Arts student should find a group they’re passionate about (or start one!), take an opportunity to do a course or semester abroad, and connect with professors. You only get to be an undergraduate at UBC once, so make the most of it!

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I have traveled to twenty countries in my degree alone... I have been fortunate to see the world and apply what I learned in the classroom to the issues on the ground.


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