Hispanic Studies (Spanish)

The Hispanic Studies Program offers a variety of courses in Spanish language at all levels and Hispanic literature, culture, and civilization.

We look at the cultural production of both Latin America and Spain by examining them within diverse social contexts, genres, and periods as well as Latino literature and other art forms produced by Hispanics living in Canada and the US.

Language courses focus on the development of oral, grammar, writing, and communicative skills, while literature and culture courses are centered on the development of critical and analytical skills.

Students interested in Spanish have the option of doing a Major, Minor, or double Major.

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The major or minor can be declared on the Student Service Centre (SSC) when you have third-year standing.


Astghik Hairapetian: Outstanding Leader in the Faculty of Arts 2017 Award Winner

What make the Faculty of Arts special is the diversity of thought, talents and passions it encompasses.

Lauren Wright: French, Spanish, and the Environment

Encompassed in the Department of French, Hispanic, and Italian Studies (FHIS), the Honors Program in Romance Studies allows students to explore multiple languages.  Although it is a relatively small program at UBC, fourth-year student Lauren Wright decided that it was the perfect fit for her. “I came to UBC knowing that I wanted to study […]

Liz Rogers: Viva VIVO!

Through an Arts internship with VIVO, Liz Rogers learned about the Vancouver video art scene and was exposed to how non-profit companies work and get their funding. "I love the arts and have always thought I would go toward them professionally. Taking this job has exposed me to working people and working duties, and being at VIVO has shown me what it is to work in the arts."

Dr. Stephanie Spacciante: Soaking up Culture

Stephanie Spacciante says she launched the Summer Study Abroad program in the Department of French, Hispanic and Italian Studies with one thing in mind: that you can only do so much in the classroom. “You can learn a language,” explains Spacciante, a lecturer in the Department of French, Hispanic, and Italian Studies and founder of of the Summer Study Abroad program, “but you can’t learn the culture unless you’ve lived there.”


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