Health and Society (minor)

The scope of health teaching and research in Canada has broadened considerably in recent years, with important contributions coming from the social sciences, arts, and humanities.

The Health and Society Minor Program exposes students to a wide breadth of issues and questions pertaining to society and health, such as:

• To what degree does the health care system, level of economic development, and/or social inequalities influence a population’s health?

• How are health issues represented by the media and arts, and how does this reflect or frame our understanding of disease and the health care system?

The program identifies a range of courses — from bio-medical ethics to world problems in nutrition — that allow students to explore these and other issues in the health and society field.

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Refer to the list of approved courses to plan your program.

The Health and Society minor can be declared through the Student Services Centre (SSC) when you have third-year standing.

If you’d like to review your program with an advisor, please complete the Health and Society advising form before arranging a meeting.



Health and Society
Program Chair: Dr. Mark Lam
Tel: 604-827-3768