Film Studies

The Film Studies Program aims to educate students in various aspects of world cinema, with an emphasis on North American, Asian, and European films.

Development of the students’ critical thinking and writing skills are major objectives of the individual courses and the program as a whole. Students are encouraged to see films as important cultural and social constructs that require context and commentary.

Programs available include an Honours, Major, and Minor in Film Studies.

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Admission to the honours, major or minor program requires an application (PDF) by May 7. If you have any questions regarding applications, please contact the department.


Dr. Ernest Mathijs: Cult cinema gets a second look

What springs to mind when you think of cult cinema? Reruns of The Rocky Horror Picture Show during Halloween? Or perhaps the iconic “I’m with Pedro” shirts, courtesy of Napoleon Dynamite? Ernest Mathijs’ new book, Cult Cinema, examines this wildly popular, yet hard-to-define genre of film.

Stephen Heatley takes on the mantle of “Fearless Leader”

The Department of Theatre and Film has found itself a new “Fearless Leader” to lead the charge. Through June 2011, Stephen Heatley will be taking on the role of interim Department Head while Jerry Wasserman is on administrative leave.

Erin York: Student Education Through the Arts

Hailing from Seattle, Washington, Erin is a film studies graduate with a drama minor and one of the 20 international students formally enrolled in the UBC Arts Co-op Program. While many students going into the program are still unsure about their career goals, Erin knew from the start what her ultimate dream job would be and how the co-op program would help get her there.

Dax Sorrenti: Invisible Canada – Canadian Film Abroad

Undergraduate student Dax Sorrenti explores international perception of David Cronenberg’s film Eastern Promises. Sorrenti, a film studies major, is using the popular movie to gauge international opinion of Canadian film. For his research, he studied reviews to see if they mentioned any Canadian elements.

Mark McGuckin and Calum MacLeod: “Road Hockey Rumble”

How did two UBC film grads get their own television series after graduation? By doing what they love most: filming and playing road hockey. Mark McGuckin (BA ’04 Film Production) and Calum MacLeod (BA ’03 Film and TV Studies) — co-hosts, writers, and creative producers of “Road Hockey Rumble” — take their love of the game across Canada.


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