Creative Writing

The Creative Writing Program offers a two-year studio course of resident study for third-and fourth-year undergraduate students pursuing a Major in Creative Writing.

Apprentice writers are offered instruction by faculty who work in a variety of literary and dramatic forms.

The program leads to a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Creative Writing or a joint degree with another department, in which Creative Writing serves as half of a double Major.  There is also an option for students to pursue a Bachelor of Arts (BA) with a Minor in Creative Writing.

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Admission to the major or honours program requires an application. Please email the Creative Writing department for application details and deadlines.


Meet UBC’s latest Rhodes Scholar: Fatima Zehra Naqvi

Winning a Rhodes Scholarship feels life-changing. But I feel I did not win it on my own. I am very blessed to have had people around me who believed in me, pushed me, and supported me when things got challenging during my degree.

Student Screenwriter Roberto Attieh Wins Audience Choice Award at Cannes

Third-year Faculty of Arts student Roberto Attieh recently won the “Audience Choice Award” at the Diversity in Cannes short film festival.

Deborah Campbell

I encourage [students] to follow their interests out into the world, daring them to be brave and actually talk to people...

Sarah Leavitt: Untangling loss and love

When Sarah Leavitt’s mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's at only 54, she began keeping journals that would become Tangles: A Story About Alzheimer’s, My Mother and Me. A heartbreaking, unflinching memoir, it is the first graphic narrative to be nominated for the Writer’s Trust Non-Fiction Prize.

Carla Gillis: Inspiring ‘Scott Pilgrim’

You’re probably familiar with Scott Pilgrim, the immensely popular graphic novel series recently adapted for the big screen. But what you might not know is that the inspiration behind Scott Pilgrim is a song by a 90s all-girl Canadian band called Plumtree, with UBC Creative Writing alumna Carla Gillis on guitar and vocals.


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