Computer Science

The Computer Science BA Major program includes the Faculty of Arts degree requirements, a thorough grounding in computer software design, and a broad choice of other studies in computing.

This program is ideal for students who have a strong interest in Computer Science and the Arts, and whose interests are more closely matched by the Faculty of Arts requirements rather than those offered through the Faculty of Science.

A minor in Computer Science is also offered.

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Admission to Computer Science specializations require an applicationIf you have any questions regarding applications, please contact the department.


Department of Computer Science
ICICS/CS Building
2366 Main Mall
Tel: 604-822-3061

Computer Science Students’ Society



Luciano Burla: Creating your own path at UBC

Luciano Burla is a fourth-year double major in Visual Arts and Computer Science. The Faculty of Arts caught up with Luciano to ask him about his unique degree combination, the highlights of his experience working on campus, and his tips for students struggling to decide on a major. How did you end up double majoring […]

Katie Tichauer: Connecting Human and Machine

Katie Tichauer (BA ‘10) is using her knowledge of the human psyche to act as a link between human and machine. A current student in the Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS) second degree program, she became increasingly interested in technology while taking a year off to work after graduation.

Frank Hangler: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Learning

Fascinated by many things, but particularly focusing on history, literature, computer science, and chemistry in high school, Frank entered UBC and elected to study political science. While studying at UBC, Frank had developed his programming skills by designing and maintaining various websites while working as a political science research assistant.

Juliette Link: Computer Science

Since the fall of 2006, Arts students have had the option of gaining expertise in computer science in the context of a BA degree, thanks to a the Computer Science major in the Faculty of Arts. The rationale for the program is simple: in a world where the digital arts are taking off, machine utilization is gaining ground and humans have increasingly diverse interactions with technology. Not surprisingly, there’s a surge of interest in computer science experts who can cut across disciplines.