Canadian Studies

“Being Canadian…requires plenty of imagination.” – Lionel Kearns

Canadian or not, it’s vital to think critically about how the environment, indigenous cultures, trade, globalization, patriotism, war, communal values, citizenship, urban planning, sports, sovereignty, and even maple donuts (doughnuts?) all add up to make a country.

Canadian Studies students explore questions like:

  • What did the masses of red and white at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics mean?
  • What are the politics of apology?
  • How does Canada’s Arctic sovereignty fit with the international system?
  • Has national sovereignty become more or less important in a “globalized” world?
  • How should Canada tackle climate change?
  • Is multiculturalism successful?
  • Are all Canadians really equal?

Students may pursue a major or minor in Canadian Studies.

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Students are encouraged to consult with the program Chair prior to or upon declaring the Major to discuss their course selections. The major and minor can be declared on the Student Service Centre (SSC) when you have third-year standing.

If you have any questions regarding applications, please contact the department.


Sarah Galashan: Aiming for the Front Page

Sarah Galashan had wanted to be a journalist since age 16, and after she gained experience volunteering and interning at various news stations, she realized she thrived off the adrenaline in the fast-paced news environment. Sarah graduated from UBC in 2000 with a BA in Canadian Studies.

Dr. Margery Fee: Fostering Student Engagement

Professor Margery Fee completed her PhD on Canadian literary history at a time when the topic was not as popular as it is today. “People just laughed and said, ‘You want to do a thesis on Canadian literature? Is there any?” Fee says of her years as a graduate student. Since then, Canadian literature has become a legitimate area of study, and Fee has remained committed to giving students “subject matter that they are interested in.”


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