Arts Learning Plan: Make the Most of your Degree

A Step-by-Step Guide to using the Arts Learning Plan

What is the Arts Learning Plan?

The Arts Learning Plan is a brand new tool designed with you in mind. It allows you to explore all of the opportunities available to Arts students at UBC in one place, and facilitates the creation of a personalized plan to carry out as you progress through your degree.

Why should I use the Arts Learning Plan?

The Arts Learning Plan is designed to showcase the options available to you, and to spark thought and conversation about how you will spend your time at UBC. Whether you follow your plan exactly, or just use it for exploration, utilizing this tool will help you engage with your options, and hopefully lead to a richer, more satisfying university experience. Try it out!

How do I use the Arts Learning Plan?

The Learning Plan is divided into three themes:

Clicking on these themes yields a variety of different activities, programs, and resources for you to choose from:

By clicking one of the options within the “Active Learning & Scholarly Engagement” theme (above), you yield further choices that are more specific. For example, if you click on “Chapman Learning Commons,” these are your options:

Clicking “Choose this Sub Activity” places the activity you select into your personalized calendar. Notice that there are many links on this page – all of these are resources that you can use to get the most out of your degree.

What does a developed learning plan look like?

This term, I am working on campus as an Arts Co-op student, I am part of the Arts Co-op Students Association, and I want to stay active. Next term, I will be taking classes, and I hope to get a lot out of attending class, spend time in the library doing research, and to attend the Arts Career Expo. Clicking on the plus sign on each activity yields a description and links to resources.

I’m a first year. Can I use the Arts Learning Plan?

Yes! There is an entire category designed just for first years. It has been designed to help new students become aware of activities such as Storm the Wall, or resources like the Learning Commons. Simply click the “First Year Plan” button to view the activities available.

The Arts Learning Plan has been developed to help you be successful in your university career. Give it a try! You may even learn about opportunities you never knew existed.
Written by Tara Simonetta
Article Published Oct 1, 2012