Liz Rogers: Viva VIVO!

Name: Liz Rogers

Major and year at the time of internship: Spanish, 4th

Internship position title and organization: Library assistant, Video In Video Out (VIVO)

Why did you apply for an Arts Internship?

To gain experience at a company I like. To add to my resume.

Tell us about your internship? What were your responsibilities? What did you like about it?

I was responsible for organizing archives, primarily paper materials but also video materials. Everything had to be uniform in its organization and appearance. I also helped to contribute to building more archive materials by finding particular articles in art magazines and photocopying them so as to make a record of these all the information in these articles. I liked working alone and organizing; I’m just that type of person. It might not be the most stimulating job for everyone.

What did you get out of the experience? How does it fit in with your future career plans?

I learned a little about the Vancouver video art scene, and the scene in other cities, as VIVO is a major thoroughfare for video arts and has been for a while. I met some people who I really appreciate knowing, especially my supervisor, who is a founding member and longtime volunteer. I was exposed to how non-profit companies work and get their funding. Concerning how it is relevant to my personal career trajectory, I have not had lot of experience in professional settings, and even less in artistic professional settings. I love the arts and have always thought I would go toward them professionally. Taking this job has exposed me to working people and working duties, and being at VIVO has shown me what it is to work in the arts. It definitely de-glamorized the fantasy image of a job/career in the arts, and that’s a good thing. If one comes into this process with suppositions, he/she will surely leave with a more clarified, rational outlook on things.

Article Published August 13, 2010