Art History

The Art History, Visual Art, and Theory Department offers art history programs that can lead to a Major, Minor, and Honours degree or a diploma in Art History.

The breadth of course offerings is unique in Canada, providing skills in historical and critical analysis. Majors may concentrate in one of three areas: arts of Europe and the Americas, arts of Indigenous Americans (pre-Hispanic and First Nations), and arts of East and South Asia.

Cross-listed courses in the arts of the ancient Mediterranean and Near East may be counted toward the Major in Art History.

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Students considering the Honours program, and who have at least third-year standing, should consult with the Art History Undergraduate Advisor to receive approval before entering the program. The major or minor can be declared on the Student Service Centre (SSC) when you have second-year standing.

If you have any questions regarding applications, please contact the department.


Jenny Chen: The Art of Campus Engagement

Jenny Chen is a fourth-year Art History and Visual Art major and a 2013 recipient of the Dean's Outstanding Leader in the Faculty of Arts award. Her passion lies in student government and its ability to create change.

Claudia Pedrero: Art History & International Relations Double Major

A double major in Art History and International Relations, Claudia Pedrero was awarded the 2011 Dean’s Award for Outstanding Leadership in Arts. For Claudia, studying the two majors at the same time meant she was able to take coursework and theory from both Art History and International Relations, and relate them together in innovative ways.

Nadine Power: A Career in Painting Conservation

After graduating from the Department of Art History, Visual Art and Theory, Nadine Power (BA ’05) has embarked on a career in art conservation. Currently a post-graduate student in the Conservation of Easel Paintings program at the Courtauld Institute of Art in London, art historical research is a crucial aspect of her work.

Alex Dawkins: Examining our colonial past

Alex Dawkins graduated from UBC in May of 2005 with a BA in Art History. He participated in Go Global during his third year and studied in Aberdeen, Scotland. "The colonial links between Scotland, British Columbia and the First Nations people deserve more attention within the field, and I hope that I can contribute to both British Columbian and British culture with my work."

Leah Clark: Global perspectives on art history

Throughout the various voyages of her childhood, Leah Clark (BA Hons '04) was exposed to a variety of art forms around the world, including Rajput painting ateliers in India, Mola embroidery in Panama, Mayan excavations in Honduras, Moai statuary and cave painting on Easter Island, Gauguin’s studio in the Marquesas, and numerous museums and art galleries around the globe.


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