Returning to the Faculty of Arts after leaving in good standing

Can you take time off from your Arts degree? 

If you leave the Faculty of Arts at UBC in good academic standing (that means you haven’t been asked to leave) you can take an Academic Leave of one academic year and still have eligibility to register in the following Winter Session (see “Before You Leave” below).

For example, if you were to leave UBC in good academic standing after finishing Winter Session 2015, you would automatically be able to register in the following:

  • Summer Session 2016 (starting in May 2016)
  • Winter Session 2016 (starting in September 2016)
  • Summer Session 2017 (starting in May 2017)
  • Winter Session 2017 (starting in September 2017)

If you plan to return after the academic leave period you will be required to apply for readmission. The application is found on the Student Service Centre (SSC) and is due by the readmission deadline, typically May 15 of each year. Admission is not competitive if you left in good standing.

Before You Leave

If you have loans, third-party funding, or scholarships and awards, consult your ESP. Taking time off may have financial implications. If you are in a cohort-based degree program, such as the BIE and some BFA programs, consult that program’s advisor. It is not always possible to re-enter a cohort-based program if you choose to take time away.

If you want to return after more than one academic year, you must apply for readmission by the appropriate deadline.

What if I leave UBC and go to another school?

If you plan to study at another institution while you are on academic leave, you must get a Letter of Permission from UBC.

You have completed credit elsewhere and want it applied to your UBC degree.