Readmission after a failed year

Meet with an Arts Academic Advisor to discuss your situation.

Talking with an Arts Academic Advisor is a good way to start developing a new academic success plan. Get help with course planning and find resources and strategies useful in building the skills necessary for future academic success. Whether your failed year is in Arts or another UBC faculty, if your goal is to complete a degree in the Faculty of Arts you should contact Arts Academic Advising as soon as possible to make sure your plan is on track.

You may wish to access other on-campus supports like Student Finances, Counselling Services or Student Health Service to make sure your plan addresses any non-academic issues that impacted your studies. Your personal support system is also very important. Talking with your family and friends can help you identify what happened and clarify your goals.

Preparing to return to Arts

If you were required to withdraw, you must sit out for a full academic year. This means that you can’t study at UBC during the Winter Session right after you were required to withdraw or the Summer Session that follows it. You are allowed to submit a readmission application during this time, however.

Once you are ready to return to your studies, review the following readmission requirements for your respective situation:

If you have completed 53 or fewer total Arts-eligible credits

You must complete 21 transfer credits at a college or similar institution in order to qualify for readmission. Be sure that the credits you complete are university-transferrable. You must attain a 3.0 GPA (73%) on these credits and apply for readmission by the deadline. Information on the readmission application process is below.

Note that there is no time limit to complete these credits, so you can choose to study part-time at college and complete the required number of credits over several terms. Be sure to adjust your college registration load to a level that will promote your chances of academic success.

If you have completed 54 or more total Arts-eligible credits

You are required to sit out from UBC for one full academic year and apply for readmission by the deadline. In this case, you may choose to take courses at a college or similar institution as a way to demonstrate your renewed ability to achieve academic success. However, earning college credit is not mandatory for readmission into the Faculty of Arts in this scenario.

Arts-eligible credits completed Post-secondary transfer credits required
53 or fewer 21
54 or more 0

Returning to Arts after two failed years

If you wish to continue your studies at UBC after a second failed year, you must submit a Letter of Appeal, apply for readmission by the deadline, and meet applicable readmission requirements above. Letters of Appeal for readmission after two failed years must be submitted via a webform that you will receive from Undergraduate Admissions when your readmission application is acknowledged. See “Submitting a Letter of Appeal” below for more information.

The Readmission Application Process

If you were required to withdraw from the Faculty of Arts and now wish to be readmitted, you can submit an application via the SSC. This application can be submitted during your year away or at any time after that year is over. Applications for Winter Session readmission are due no later than May 15th. Please remember that you cannot return during either the Winter Session after being required to withdraw or the Summer Session following it. Registration begins in June, so submitting your application well in advance of the deadline will minimize the chance of a possible delayed registration date.

If you have completed post-secondary study elsewhere since you last attended UBC, ensure that you arrange for official transcripts to be sent directly to UBC Undergraduate Admissions in support of your application.

Submitting a Letter of Appeal

Speak with an Arts Academic Advisor before you begin the process of appeal.

A letter of appeal should include a thoughtful analysis of the reasons for your academic struggles, the steps you’ve taken to address them, and a strong, considered and viable academic success plan. All evidence you provide of your ability to perform satisfactorily at the post-secondary level will be taken into account. The Faculty has the right to refuse you readmission if it feels you will not be successful. In very specific situations, and very rarely, student appeals to continue or return without having met the credit or time-away requirements outlined above are granted. If one of the following applies to you, you may submit a letter of appeal no later than June 30th:

  1. If your Failed Year standing was caused primarily by short-term and unexpected circumstances which have been resolved by or shortly after the end of the Winter Session you may appeal for Permission to Continue. You may submit a letter of appeal and supporting documentation directly to Arts Academic Advising via email at
  2. If you have begun taking credits at college as required in order to apply to return but fall slightly short of the requirement, your application for readmission will be denied. If you have a compelling reason for not having met the requirement and supporting documentation you may submit a letter of appeal and the supporting documentation to Undergraduate Admissions.
  3. If you have two Failed Year standings, you must submit a Letter of Appeal in addition to applying for readmission by the deadline. When your readmission application is acknowledged, you will receive a link to a webform through which you must submit your Letter of Appeal. Your letter should demonstrate how you have resolved the issues that caused your previous academic struggles. You may also wish to attach supporting documentation. Your appeal should include a thoughtful analysis of your academic history at UBC, an outline of the steps you have taken to address the issues that affected you during that time, and a solid academic plan for the completion of your degree.

Please note that we cannot guarantee appeals received after May 15th will receive a response prior to your registration date.


Preparing to return for non-Arts students

Please note that the numbers and conditions above only apply to you if you were required to withdraw from Arts and are returning to Arts. If your Failed Year is from another Faculty you must complete 30 university-transferrable credits at a college or similar institution and attain the Faculty of Arts’ competitive entrance average on those credits in order to be considered for admission. Remember to apply for readmission to UBC by the deadline.

If your goal is to complete a degree in a Faculty other than Arts please contact Enrolment Services immediately to learn about the requirements for readmission after a failed year for the Faculty of your choice.