Seven things to keep in mind as graduation nears

1. Check Degree Navigator
Check your Degree Navigator report well in advance to confirm you have met your requirements. If you have any concerns,  request a graduation check.

2. Apply to graduate
All students who are planning on graduating must apply to graduate, regardless if you’re planning to attend the graduation ceremony. Students can graduate in Spring (May) and Fall (November). To graduate in May 2019, you must apply for graduation by February 22 and complete all your degree and program requirements by April. To graduate in November, you must apply for graduation by September 13 and complete all your degree and program requirements by the end of October.

Apply to graduate by logging into the Student Service Centre. Once you’ve logged in, look for “Applications” in the left-hand side menu, and “Graduation” below.

Once you complete your degree requirements and your application to graduate is approved, you can download a Program Completion Letter via the Student Service Centre under “Grades.” Students on financial hold are not able to access these letters.

3. Grad photos
Contact your department, school, or student association for more information about grad pictures.

4. Your Graduation Ceremony
You can find out when your ceremony is. If you plan to attend your ceremony, be sure to complete all of the items on the Graduation Checklist.

5. Looking for a job?
Browse job postings, explore careers, get advice on resume writing and interviewing at UBC Career Services.

Are you an international student interested in working in Canada? Learn about applying for post-graduation permit.

6. Don’t let it end
Interested in a master’s degree, maybe even a PhD?

Plan for your future studies early to ensure that you’ve picked up any required courses throughout your degree. Browse university websites, including UBC’s Faculty of Graduate Studies for information on programs, admission requirements, and application procedures. has a comprehensive, searchable database of programs.

7. Keep in touch
Once a part of UBC, always a part of UBC. Wherever you might be, stay in touch through the extensive UBC Alumni network.