Literature Requirement

The Literature Requirement is met by successful completion of 6 credits in literature in the Faculty of Arts.

To fulfill the Literature Requirement, you can take courses in the Department of English as well as courses listed below. Most courses are taught in English.

Note: All incoming students who wish to take any CHIN-, JAPN-, KORN-, PERS- or PUNJ- subject-coded literature course are required to complete a placement test with the Department of Asian Studies to obtain placement approval for registration. Students without this approval should de-register before the first withdrawal deadline.

Courses that fulfill the Literature Requirement

See a list of BA literature requirement courses on the UBC Calendar. Exceptions to the UBC Calendar list are in the section below.

Course exceptions not listed in the UBC Calendar

Courses that may be used towards the Literature requirement:

  • Asian Studies (ASIA) 395, 412, 413, 431 and 461.
  • English (ENGL) 200.
  • English (ENGL) 409K taught in 17W.
  • History (HIST) 403B taught in 17W or 18W.
  • Near Eastern Studies (NEST) 401.
  • Persian (PERS) 451
  • Scandinavian Studies (SCAN) 332B taught in 18S and 19S.

Courses that cannot be used towards the Literature Requirement:

  • Asian Studies (ASIA) 444
  • Chinese (CHIN) 2nd transfer credit preclusions for CHIN 431 and 433. 
  • Chinese (CHIN) 3nd transfer credit preclusions for CHIN 481, 483, 491 and 493.
  • English (ENGL) 112 and 229.
  • Sanskrit (SANS) 300 taught in 16W.