Language Requirement

You are encouraged to fulfill this requirement within your first 60 credits.

To fulfill the Language Requirement, you must complete ONE of the following:

  • If you are fluent in a language listed below, you may satisfy the language requirement by proving proficiency through examination. Arrangements must be made through the department providing instruction in the language. Note that UBC teaches only Classical Arabic, Ancient Greek, and Biblical Hebrew. Speakers of modern Arabic, Greek or Hebrew should follow the testing process for languages not taught at UBC, below.
  • If you are fluent in a language not listed below (that is, a language not taught at UBC), you may still be able to meet the Language Requirement through a proficiency examination. Please note we do not have the ability to test for all languages. If you are planning on completing a proficiency examination to meet the requirement, plan well ahead and contact Arts Academic Advising in your first year of study in the Faculty of Arts to confirm the possibility of testing in your language.
  • No course credit will be awarded for completing the Language Requirement through a proficiency exam.

  • View a list of UBC courses that fulfill the language requirement.
  • Most of these courses have prerequisites, so we strongly advise that you begin working towards this requirement in your first year.
  • Some courses listed may not be offered every session. Check the course schedule for current offerings.
  • If you have some background in the language you wish to study, contact the department for a placement test.

Courses that fulfill the Language Requirement

See a list of BA language requirement courses on the UBC Calendar.

How many language credits do I need?
Anywhere from 0 to 12 credits of one language other than English, depending on your knowledge of that language. For example, if you’ve completed Grade 11 French, you’ll complete French 111 then French 112. You’ll therefore complete the language requirement within 6 credits.

If you don’t speak another language, you’ll most likely need to complete 12 credits of language.

If you’re not sure which course to take based on your knowledge of a language, contact the department for a placement test.