Credit Requirements

Degree Minimum is 120 Credits

You must complete a minimum of 120 credits for your degree, some of which must be taken at the upper-level (courses numbered 300 or higher). Select the degree you’re following to view a breakdown of your credit requirements:

 Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Fine Arts Second degree (you have a previous bachelor degree)

At minimum, 72 of the required 120 credits must be from courses within the Faculty of Arts

As of September 2012, students in the Faculty of Arts are required to complete a minimum of 72 credits from courses taught in the Faculty of Arts. Arts courses include those identified in the UBC Calendar course descriptions as those offered by the Faculty of Arts as well as transfer credit deemed to be Arts. Please see Degree Navigator or consult Arts Advising if you are unsure about how your credits are classified.

FAQ – Credit Requirements

Students who began their studies in the Faculty of Arts prior to the 2012 Winter session may be permitted to complete their degree under either the new 72 credit Arts minimum or the previous 18 credit maximum for courses taken outside the Faculties of Arts and Science, whichever is more to their benefit. Students should note, however, that as Arts students they are expected to complete credits in their home Faculty.

Students transferring to the Faculty of Arts from another UBC faculty or from another post-secondary institution who have already completed more than 48 non-Arts credits should consult an Arts Academic Advisor. They should also plan to register in courses offered by the Faculty of Arts in order to complete their degree.

All students entering the Faculty of Arts in 2012 Winter or later who intend to complete one or more of the following specializations may include all non-Arts credits required for their specialization(s) towards their Arts degree. These students are permitted a relaxation of the 72 credit Arts minimum to accommodate these required credits. However, students are expected to complete the maximum number of Arts credits possible within the 120 credit total required for their degree.

BA Major or Honours in Mathematics
BA Major in Computer Science

Can One Course meet Two Requirements?

Double Counting

There are two major sets of requirements you need to complete: your degree requirements, which all BA/BFA students must meet, and your program requirements, which are the credits you must take to fulfill your major/minor/honours requirements.

When you use one course to meet two program requirements, you are “double counting.”

There is a limit to the number of upper-level (third- and fourth-year courses) you may double count, depending on which type of double program you’re following. There is no limit to the number of lower-level credits you can double count toward meeting your program requirements.

Example: If you are completing a major in English and a major in Medieval Studies, you need to complete 42 credits within English and 42 credits within Medieval Studies.

ENGL 340 is a course that is considered both an English credit and a Medieval Studies credit. Therefore, you can count it twice: within your 42 required English credits and within your 42 required credits for Medieval Studies.

In other words, it can be counted once to meet your English major requirements and once again to meet your Medieval Studies major requirement.

Number of Credits You Can Double Count to Meet Two Different Programs

You are completing: You can double count: Example:
Major and minor 6 upper-level credits towards major and minor requirements You’re majoring in History with a minor in Health and Society.
You could count HIST 449 towards both your major and minor.
Double major 9 upper-level credits towards each major requirement

You’re doing a double major in International Relations and Political Science. You may count POLI 369 towards both of these majors.

Honours with a minor 9 upper-level credits towards honours and minor PSYC 302 could be counted towards both an Honours
in Linguistics and a Minor in Psychology.
Double honours 12 upper-level credits towards each program’s requirements HIST 379 may count toward your Honours in History
and your Honours in Asian Area Studies.
Honours with a major 12 upper-level credits towards each program’s requirements PSYC 365 may count toward your Honours in Psychology
and your Major in Cognitive Systems.

The Limit of Double Counting

While a course may be counted twice to meet two different requirements, you cannot count a course twice for credit. Within a double major, you must still complete a total of 60 upper-level credits (30 upper-level credits for each major).

Example: While ENGL 340 can be counted towards both the major requirements for English and Medieval Studies, it will count for 3 credits only toward your required 60 upper-level credits (30 for each major).