Credit Requirements

You must complete a minimum of 120 credits for your degree, some of which must be taken at the upper-level (courses numbered 300 or higher). Select the degree you’re following to view a breakdown of your credit requirements:

 Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Fine Arts Second degree (you have a previous bachelor degree)

Arts credit minimum

A minimum of 72 of the 120 credits required for the Bachelor of Arts degree program must be Arts credits, except when the completion of your program requires more than 48 credits outside of Arts.

Arts courses include those identified in the UBC Calendar course descriptions as those offered by the Faculty of Arts as well as transfer credit deemed to be Arts. Please see Degree Navigator or consult Arts Advising if you are unsure about how your credits are classified.

In order to accommodate required program credits, the Arts Credit Minimum for students who complete a BA Major or Honours program in Mathematics or Computer Science is reduced, but students are expected to complete as many Arts credits as possible within the 120 credits required for the degree.


  • To be eligible for your BC/Canada student loan, you must register in at least 9 credits per term (18 credits per Winter Session).
  • To be considered for awards and scholarships, you must complete a minimum of 24 percentage-graded credits in the Winter Session.
  • If you are receiving financial assistance from non-UBC administrated organizations you should contact the organization directly to discuss any credit requirements associated with the award.
  • To be eligible for on-campus housing, you must register, and remain registered, in at least 9 credits per Term (18 credits per Winter Session).
  • International students must be registered in at least 9 credits per Term of the Winter Session to be eligible to work on or off campus. Other restrictions apply; see the International Student Guide.
  • You must be registered in at least 27 percentage-graded credits in the Winter Session to be eligible for recognition on the Dean’s List.

Double Counting

When you use one course to meet two program (specialization) requirements, you are “double counting.” Depending on your program choices, there are strict limits to how many credits you may double count. See the UBC Academic calendar for a clear summary.

While a course may be counted twice to meet two different program requirements, you cannot count a course twice for degree-required credits. For example, if you are doing a double major (60 upper-level required credits) and take a course that fulfills program requirements for both majors, you may use it to double count, but you only receive credits for the course once.