Degree Navigator

Keep track of your degree requirements and credits with your personalized Degree Navigator report, available through the Student Service Centre.


Your report can help you:

  • See program requirements and confirm you’ve met degree requirements.
  • Evaluate registered courses against your program requirements to ensure your current registration fits into your program.
  • Plan hypothetical registration scenarios for future sessions, including possible majors and minors.


Your report will not:

  • Show the cumulative number of upper-level credits (at least 60) you need for a double major or double honours program. You’ll have to check credits separately for each major.
  • Show the outside credit requirements if you’re completing a minor along with your main program. You must complete 24 credits outside both your major and minor and you’ll have to check for these manually.
  • Show courses you can use for double counting (using one course to meet two program requirements). There is a limit to the number of upper-level courses you can double count, depending on which type of double program you’re following.

Accessing your Degree Navigator report

Visit the Student Service Centre and select “Degree Navigator – Vancouver” under “Registration” to view your report.

Degree Navigator tips