Degree Navigator

The University of British Columbia’s degree audit system, Degree Navigator, is designed to help you make informed decisions regarding your academic program.  If you have ever wondered, “How many courses do I have left?” or “Does that geography course meet the science requirement?” This is the tool you need!

Degree Navigator will help you:

  • learn about program requirements and confirm you’ve met degree requirements for Arts and Fine Arts degrees
  • get a picture of degree and program information as outlined in the UBC Calendar
  • evaluate courses you have taken against your program’s requirements and make sure your current registration fits into your program
  • plan hypothetical registration scenarios for future sessions including possible majors and minors

How to access Degree Navigator

To get started with Degree Navigator, log into the Student Service Centre and locate “Registration.” Scroll down the list to “Degree Navigator – Vancouver.”

How To Read Your Degree Navigator Report

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Sample Degree Navigator Report

This is a sample of what a Degree Navigator report looks like for students completing the Writing and Research requirement.

Clicking on the image below will make it larger. 



What Degree Navigator Doesn’t Do

Arts Academic Advising uses Degree Navigator to confirm you’ve met all your degree requirements, with the exception of the following:

  • Upper-level credits and the outside requirement for a double major or double honours

For double majors or double honours, Degree Navigator will accurately count the upper-level credit requirements for each separate major/honours program. However, it will not show the cumulative number of upper-level credits you need for the double program (at least 60) so you’ll have to check those manually.

You must complete 24 credits outside of both of your majors. Make sure you have enough – don’t forget to include credits used towards your Faculty Requirements if they are outside both your majors.

  • The outside requirements for major/minor or honours/minor programs

If you’re completing a minor, you must complete 24 credits outside both of your major and minor. Count those up manually; Degree Navigator isn’t able to do that for you (yet).

  • Double Counting

When you use one course to meet two program requirements, you are “double counting.” There is a limit to the number of upper-level (third- and fourth-year courses) you may double count, depending on which type of double program you’re following. More Info

I am confused about what my report says. Help!

It is important that you understand your Degree Navigator report and that, if you have any questions or concerns, you get help as soon as possible. Remember, you are responsible for making sure you meet the requirements to get your degree! If you need help with your report, contact Arts Academic Advising.