Full Courses

There are a few of ways to deal with full courses, and which one is applicable depends on the particular course and department. Follow the options below to pursue a full course.

Options for full courses

  • Register for a waitlist section on the Student Service Centre (SSC), if available
  • Waitlisted courses will take up credits
  • The department will move yous to the course as space becomes available
  • Check the SSC regularly to see if you have been added to the course as the department may not notify you of your successful registration

Go to the SSC 

  • Availability may change up until the add/drop deadline
  • If a student drops a course, you can register in it
  • A course may be blocked even though there is space; contact the instructor or department

Go to the SSC 

  • If there is no waitlist, some instructors may be willing to sign Change of Registration forms for students
  • After receiving the instructor’s approval, hand the form to the department before the add/drop deadline
  • Economics, Math, WRDS 150, French, Italian, and Spanish do not accept Change of Registration forms

Access the Change of Registration form

  • Check if there are cross-listed courses in a course’s description on the UBC Course Schedule
  • Check Degree Navigator /degree-planning/year-by-year-planning/degree-navigator to find alternative requirements or courses you can take
  • Try using the course search function on the UBC Course Schedule

Go to the Course Schedule  

Download the Full course guide.

No room in a tutorial, discussion, or lab? 

Sometimes there's room in a class, but the tutorials, discussions, or labs are full. Keep your seat in the class and talk to the instructor immediately if no seats open up for the tutorial, discussion, or lab.

Graduating this year?

If you are in your graduating year, you will not be excluded from taking a required course due to space. This rule does not apply to electives or preferred sections. If a course you need is full, consult your department advisor.