Course Registration

How to Register:

Step 1: Plan Your First Year

Step 2: Choose your Courses

There are so many choices! When you choose your courses, keep in mind:

You don’t need to do all of your degree requirements within your first year but you do need to know what the requirements are and plan to meet them before you graduate.

  • Specialization Requirements

Explore the major(s) and minor(s). You don’t officially choose your major or minor until second or third year, but you need to take the necessary first- and second-year courses in preparation of your chosen specialization. Consult the UBC Calendar.

  • Winter Session

Winter Session runs from September to April and is divided into two terms.
Term 1 is from September to December
Term 2 is from January to April

When you register, be sure to register for both Term 1 and Term 2.
Most courses are 3 credits (over one term). Courses that run over both terms are normally 6 credits.

  • How Many Credits Can I Take?

Students in Arts can take a maximum of 15 credits per winter term, or 30 credits per winter session (32 for first-year students) — that’s 5 courses per term. Many students take fewer than 5 courses per term, allowing for time to work, play, or study. It’s up to you on how many credits you take. Always be aware of drop dates — you might want to lighten the load if things seem too much.

Keep in mind that there is a minimum number of credits you need to be registered in to qualify for on campus housing, student loans, and scholarships.

Step 3: Get onto the Student Service Centre (SSC)

Log onto to the SSC and start looking at the Course Schedule. Be aware that one-hour classes are actually 50 minutes and one-and-a-half hour classes are actually 80 minutes. The extra 10 minutes gives you time to get to your next class.

Click here for UBC Student Services Registration Information.