Course Evaluations

Faculty of Arts Online Course Evaluations

Your feedback is very important to the Faculty of Arts. The results of course evaluations are reviewed by individual instructors to help them improve their courses. They are also reviewed by the Dean and Department Heads to inform decisions concerning reappointment, tenure, promotion and merit.

Your comments will make a difference in the planning and presentation of curricula in Arts.

Students can complete the evaluations for their courses, instructors and teaching assistants online at the end of each term.

Instructors will not receive the results until after they have submitted final course marks, and even then individual evaluations will be anonymous.

View Course Evaluations

To view evaluation results for instructors or courses, please click on the following link and log in with your Campus Wide Login (CWL) and password:

Once you’ve logged in, hover on “Course Evaluations” and click “Search Course Evaluations”. You will now be able to search for course evaluation results by instructor or by course.

Fill Out Course Evaluations

For online course evaluation please visit: