Online Advising Requests

The self-serve advising requests listed on this page must be submitted online. Carefully follow the instructions for each form and the Advising Office will process your request or contact you within 2-3 business days. *All forms require CWL login.

Request a Credit Limit Increase

Read the credit increase requirements carefully, as credit increases will only be processed if you meet them. Review and complete the Credit Limit Increase form.

Request a Year Level Promotion

Year-end promotions are automatically updated on the SSC during the month of May each year. However, if you meet specific credit requirements, you can request a year level promotion earlier by filling out the Year Level Promotion form.

Add or Remove a Specialization (Major, Minor)

Students are able to add or remove specializations themselves via the SSC during registration periods, so Arts Advising only accepts online specialization requests outside of registration periods. Not all Specializations can be added or removed without department approval, so refer to the list of specializations before completing the Add or Remove Specializations form.

Academic Concession

If you experience unanticipated events or circumstances that interfere with your ability to accomplish your academic coursework, review the academic concession page and fill out an academic concession form so an advisor can review your case.

Request a Graduation Check

If you’re finishing third year or planning to graduate soon and your course schedule is finalized, make sure you’re on track to graduate by completing the Graduation Check Request form.

Apply to Graduate

Review the Student Services Applying to Graduate page, then log in to the Student Service Centre, look for the “Graduation” heading and select “Apply for Graduation.”

Program Completion Letters

Once your graduation status is approved, you can download a Program Completion Letter via the Student Service Centre under “Grades.” Students on financial hold are not able to access these letters.