Distance Advising

From August 28 to September 1, 2017, Arts Advising is piloting distance advising via Skype.

Distance Advising is offered on a first to sign-in, first-served basis, and priority will be given to students who reside outside of Metro Vancouver. Appointments are limited to 15 minutes.

Topics Covered

  • Academic/Course Planning
  • Major and Minor Exploration
  • Transfer Credit
  • Graduation Checks

How to Sign-in


    You will be accepted into our virtual advising space when it is your turn. Note that if you are timed-out, you may re-join, and your place in line will be held for you.

  2. Present your valid student ID at the beginning of your session to verify your identity.
  3. Discuss your query. Skype appointments are limited to 15 minutes. If your query requires further advisor attention, you will be provided with a secondary link to the next virtual advising space.

Distance Advising Rules

Please note that if any of the below conditions are not met, advisors may need to cancel the Skype appointment.

  • This is a professional meeting so please come fully prepared and in appropriate attire as you would for an in-person meeting.
  • Remain in a stationary location for the duration of your appointment.
  • Ensure you are in a private, quiet and distraction free location
  • Information about your student record will be discussed during the appointment and will be visible/audible to others. If you choose to conduct the appointment in a public space, your record may be viewed/accessed by others and your privacy may be compromised.

Technical Guidelines

  • A secure and strong internet connection is required – please do not use your mobile device.
  • Test your video/audio equipment (webcam and speakers) before your Skype appointment so your advisor can see and hear you clearly.
  • Recommended web browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox – Windows Operating System preferred.
  • Follow prompts/instructions to add Skype plugin on your web browser.
  • You will need to give Skype permission to access your browser.