Academic Concession

If you experience unanticipated events or circumstances that interfere with your ability to accomplish your academic coursework, you may be eligible for academic concession.

If you are already registered with the Centre for Accessibility and your concession is related to your registered medical condition or disability, contact your Accessibility Advisor.

If you need immediate emotional, mental, or physical support, find a UBC health and wellness resource to help you.

Read UBC’s policy on academic concessions

Grounds for academic concession

You may be eligible for academic concession when one or more of the conditions listed below unexpectedly hinders your ability to complete an assignment or participate in classes or an examination:

In all cases, your request for academic concession should be made as early as reasonably possible to your instructor or Arts Academic Advising. If you are not an Arts student, you should consult with your home Faculty or instructor for your concession.

Types of academic concession

The most appropriate type of concession (deferred standing, in-term-concession, late withdrawal etc.) will be determined by your unique situation and the academic requirements for your course.

Types of academic concessions.

Initiating academic concession

In-term concession

You may be eligible for an in-term concession if you meet the following criteria:

  • You missed a graded requirement in a course
  • The course is still in progress
  • You have been attending regularly and are up-to-date in the course
  • Your studies were impacted for a short time
  • You have grounds for academic concession

If you believe you are eligible for in-term concession, immediately consult your course syllabus to understand your options or speak with your instructor.

Your instructor may ask you to complete a Student Self-Declaration form to process your concession, or they may refer you to work with Arts Academic Advising about the in-term concession. Follow the steps below if you are referred to Arts Academic Advising.

All other academic concession situations

  • As soon as possible, fill out the Academic Concession form, so an advisor can review your case.
  • An advisor will reach out to you if you need to meet in-person and supply more information or documents to support your case.

Deadlines to initiate academic concession

Initiate your in-term concession as soon as possible, generally within 72 hours.

For end-of-term concession (deferred standing and late withdrawal) initiate as early as possible, but no later than:

  • January 15, for Winter Session, Term 1
  • May 15, for Winter Session, Term 2
  • September 15, for Summer Session

Standing deferred process and deadlines

If your academic concession is approved and an “SD” has been added to your student record:

  1. Apply through the SSC to write your exam(s) in the application period outlined by Enrolment Services.
  2. Write your deferred exam as scheduled by Enrolment Services.
    • Deferred exams for Winter session courses are held the following July/August.
    • Deferred exams for Summer session courses are held in November.
  3. Submit incomplete coursework as per your instructor’s directions (including deadline). This must be no later than:
    • August 23, for Winter Session
    • December 25, for Summer Session

View Enrolment Services standing deferred deadlines.