Academic Advising

Arts Academic Advising is here to guide you throughout your degree. We can assist you by clarifying your degree requirements, by connecting you to the appropriate resources, and by approving your application for graduation.

If you are experiencing a difficult time academically or personally, we can help by offering support and connecting you to the many resources available. Advisors specializing in International Student Advising and Aboriginal Student Advising are available.

What to expect from an Arts UBC education?

Your degree will help you grasp the multiplicity of discourse, develop intercultural understanding, and gain strong communication and research skills. Together, these achievements will allow you to foster intellectual integrity and a lifelong passion for learning.

What’s your degree plan?

Degree planning involves choosing courses that will meet and complement your requirements and intellectual interests.

Students complete two types of requirements:

  • Faculty/degree requirements completed by all students
  • Specialization requirements based on your selected major

However, degree planning isn’t simply restricted to your academics. We highly recommend that you incorporate involvement opportunities into your degree to make your undergraduate education a genuine, life-changing endeavour.