Office of Regional and International Community Engagement (ORICE)

Join a growing network of community partners in Canada and across the world who are committed to overcoming complex social and ecological challenges.  Work alongside community organizations to bring your discipline to life and acquire valuable insights and skills.  ORICE enables students to engage meaningfully with communities. 

Among other projects, you can:

  • participate in dialogue and policy reform related to reconciliation with Indigenous peoples in Canada
  • undertake economic assessment of the sustainability of conservation projects in Costa Rica
  • examine strategies to increase access to energy in marginalized communities in India
  • collaborate with rural community libraries to enhance reading culture in Uganda

 ORICE provides you with the following opportunities:

  • course-based and non-course-based 3-month immersive placements regionally and internationally
  • on-campus, team-based projects that tackle challenges faced by international communities
  • public engagement events that encourage dialogue and debate about our world

Intake for placements occurs 3 times per year and is open to all UBC students.  Some courses require prerequisites.

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