Frequently Asked Questions

1. When is the deadline for application?

There are 2 internship cycles: Summer and Winter. You may apply to either. The student application deadline for the Summer 2017 session is February 12th, 2017. Summer internships will start in May and extend until August or longer. Winter internships start in January and extend until April or longer. The student application deadline for Winter internships is October – check back in August for the deadline date!

2. What is the application process?

Apply to get into the Program:

  • Apply to get into the program by submitting an application form (which includes a statement of intent) and resume. You will be screened and evaluated based on the quality of your resume and the content in your application form.
  • You must demonstrate that you have considered the program and reflected upon why the program will benefit you and the community. Selected students are invited for an interview.
  • Students are assessed and marked based on program core competencies and the ability to represent UBC in the community. Acceptance into the program is based on the application and interview performance.

Apply for specific internships: Once students are accepted into the program, they are required to attend a program orientation – which is an evening session (3 hours) on specific dates. After attending the orientation, students are given access to internship positions on Careers Online, which is the UBC student job board. Only accepted students will have access to apply for program internship positions.

  • Students must apply to internships that they are interested in using their tailored resume and cover letter.
  • Community partners post positions on Careers Online and are responsible to manage the screening and selection process.
  • Organizations are the best at assessing students skills and determining the right ‘fit’ for their internship position. They are looking for students who demonstrate the desire to intern with their specific organization and will be screening students based on the content in their resume and cover letter.
  • The Internship Program Coordinator does not assist in screening/matching students at this stage, but is available for student support throughout the entire process.

3. When is the mandatory orientation session?

The orientation session is mandatory for students to attend before they are given access to apply for internships. Each orientation session is 3 hours in length. Topics covered in this session include program requirements, program assignments, and internship tips and strategies (i.e. formatting your resume and cover letter, job search skills, interview skills, online etiquette, LinkedIn, etc.) You will get the chance to network with other students and gain practical experience answering interview questions and receive tips on how to make your resume stand out.

4. When do internships start?

Summer internships start in May and continue through until August, or longer if agreed upon by the host organization and student. Winter internships start in January. Currently there is no AIP session starting in September, due to the inability to recruit and orient students during the summer months. Some internships, depending on the organization, have slightly different schedules. Please contact the Program Coordinator if you have any questions about this.

5. How much time will the internship take?

Internships are between 8-12 hours per week (maximum), from 4-8 months in duration. Each internship has different requirements, so ensure that you look carefully through the individual internship postings to see what the requirements are and if they fit with your schedule. Also, be sure to look for the office location. Many of the internships are online or virtual internships, which require less structured hours, but need someone who is well-suited and motivated to complete their work at home.

6. Do I have to complete a certain number of hours to complete the program?

You must complete the internship hours to the satisfaction of the organization and the Program Coordinator, within the hours of 8-12 hours/week, for 4-8 months. Hours may be negotiated with the employer to accommodate especially busy/stressful times, such as exam periods.

7. What will I learn in the Arts Internship Program?

  • Describe the discovery or confirmation of personal preferences in relation to career development.
  • Identify employment specific strengths and skills and describe how they can be transferred to multiple career paths.
  • Compose an industry related resume and cover letter and gain experience with interviewing.
  • Learn strategies and techniques for networking, interviewing, and professional conduct in the workplace.
  • Gain valuable mentorship from internship supervisor and Program Coordinator.
  • Increase willingness to learn about yourself through exposure to new experiences and embrace boundaries as areas for growth.
  • Cultivate a network of community contacts and learn how to leverage existing contacts and become an active participant in the development of career.
  • Gain exposure to diversity, from which you will learn valuable things about yourself and engage in activities that promote cross-cultural understanding, civic engagement and self-reflection.
  • Make meaningful connections between your internship experience and other academic and non-academic experiences as a UBC student and reflect back in a holistic and purposeful way.

8. Do the internships require working during weekday work hours? Weekends?

Different internship partners have different requirements. Some require that the intern be available during weekday regular office hours, but others may be weekend/evening work, or allow for work from home. Please look carefully through individual internship descriptions, and always clarify the expected time commitments/day/hours during your interview.

9. Can I do an internship while taking classes?

Yes. Keep in mind that the internship will require 8-12 hours per week of commitment, and this may be during weekdays, so be sure that you can accommodate the internship before submitting your application. It is recommended that you do not take more than 4-5 classes. The program is only open to undergraduate Arts students.

10. Can I do an internship while not enrolled in classes?

Yes. You are eligible for the Arts Internship Program so long as you are still registered as an undergraduate student in the UBC Vancouver Faculty of Arts.  If you are an international student, you must be registered as a full-time student.

11. Can I participate in the Arts Internship Program if I am graduating, or after graduation?

You may only participate in an internship while still registered as an undergraduate student. Once you have graduated, you are no longer considered to be a UBC undergraduate student, so you must complete the internship before graduating.

12. Can I do an internship while working a part-time/full-time job?

Internships require a commitment of 8-12 hours per week. Some internships require that the intern be available during weekday regular office hours, but others may be weekend/evening work, or allow for work from home. Please be mindful of your prior time commitments and ability to take on 8-12 hours of work. All of the positions in the program are currently unpaid. Please consider whether or not you are able to take on this commitment financially as well. If you have questions about this, please contact the Program Coordinator.

13. Can I participate in the Arts Internship Program while also being involved in Work Study/Work Learn?

Yes, students can be involved in both programs, but you must be mindful of the time commitments of both. You must treat any internship like a professional experience and it should not become a secondary commitment after a Work-Learn experience.

14. Am I eligible if I am an international student?

Yes. As of June 2014, study permits now allow most students to work off campus, but you must be registered as a full-time student (minimum of 9 credits per term in most cases) in order to be eligible for a position. For more details, please refer to page

15. Am I eligible if I am an exchange student?

Unfortunately, exchange students are not eligible to work off campus, and thus are not able to participate in the Arts Internship Program.

16. Can I do an international/US internship through the Arts Internship Program?

At this time, the Arts Internship Program does not have internships available internationally or in the US. If you have a particular internship that you are interested in, you can contact the Program Coordinator to discuss options.

17. Is it important for me to have a high quality resume for internship applications?

Yes! In order to get into the program, your resume must meet some basic standards. Additionally, host organizations will review student applications. With a strong resume AND cover letter, you can improve your chances of being contacted for an interview. If you require additional assistance with this, please contact the Program Coordinator or inquire about resume peer advising sessions at the Centre for Student Involvement and Careers. You are able to book a one-one-one resume advising session by registering on CareersOnline.

18. You haven’t answered my questions!

If you have additional questions, please contact Freda Maideen (Program Coordinator) at