Arts Internship for Community Partners

What is the Arts Internship program?

The Arts Internship Program integrates academic learning with the development of professional skills and networks through part-time, unpaid positions that offer meaningful, career-related experience supporting non-profit organizations in Vancouver and the lower-mainland. It helps undergraduate students in the Faculty of Arts expand their knowledge, experience, contact base and chances of future career success.

We are always looking for new community partners that are interested in creating short-term volunteer positions and are able to support their intern’s learning!

Arts students major in over 26 different programs in the Social Sciences, Humanities, and Creative and Performing Arts; these students bring a broad range of skills, talents, and experiences to the work place.

Internships are 8-12 hours per week and typically run 4-8 months in duration depending on the needs of the host and availability of the student. This program is only available to undergraduate students who attend the UBC Vancouver campus. We currently do not offer internships for students or community partners for the UBC Okanagan campus.

Why hire an Arts Intern?

  • You will gain a skilled and motivated student to support your organization’s work
  • Interns can provide support to special projects, events, daily tasks and fill short-term staffing needs
  • An Arts Intern can bring fresh ideas, new perspectives, and knowledge of recent trends, research and technology

What types of organizations can participate?

Community partners are non-profit organizations, social enterprises, or community organizations. Your organization must have the capacity to supervise and mentor an intern, and provide sufficient work for the duration of that internship.

An internship must be a learning opportunity for the intern, and should include provisions for providing feedback for the professional growth of the intern.

What is the cost to my organization?

All internships are unpaid positions. There is no application fee and no cost for you to participate.

To help an intern be successful, you will need to ensure someone from your staff is available to provide some basic training to the student at the start of the internship and offer them support and feedback during the internship.

What are the internship structures and timelines?

Internships are 8-12 hours per week, and typically run 4-8 months in duration depending on the needs of the employer and availability of the student.

There are 2 internship terms: Winter internships start in January and Summer internships start in May.

For winter internships, we accept internship proposals beginning in September until the beginning of October. Available internships are posted for students to review from the end of October to end of November. You may plan to interview your applicants at the end of November.

For summer internships, we accept internship proposals throughout January. Available internships are posted for students to review for the month of March. You may plan to interview your applicants after the end of March.

How do I hire an Arts Intern?

1. Contact the Program

Contact the Program Coordinator, Freda Maideen, at to discuss the needs of your organization and potential opportunities for Arts interns.

2. Submit an Internship Proposal

Templates will be emailed to you once you are in contact with the Program Coordinator. Complete the internship proposal with all of the information requirements, including key responsibilities, qualifications, student learning outcomes, training and other opportunities available to the student. Email your completed template to the Program Coordinator for review.


Winter 2017 (Interns beginning work in January): TBA

Summer 2017 (Interns beginning work in May): Monday, January 30th, 5pm

3. Post a Job Description

Once your internship is approved by the Program Coordinator, you will be provided with more information on posting your position onto CareersOnline, which is the UBC job board. You will be required to set-up an account for yourself and enter information on behalf of your organization.  At that point, you will be able to navigate and manage your own account.  You may have several contacts created under your organization’s profile.

3. Conduct the student screening/interview process

All student applications will be sent to you through the online system, Careers Online. You can select to have the system send the applications directly to your email address, or you can select to be notified when a student applies. You will be notified of key dates and guidelines after your posting has been approved.

4. Making an Offer and Confirming the Placement

Please note that students may have multiple internship offers and may request some time to make their decision.  Inform the Program Coordinator once you have confirmed an intern for your position. You will be sent a Memorandum of Understanding to sign that outlines the program expectations, Student Accident Insurance and the guidelines for ethical internships.

Tips for recruiting an intern:

  • Create a detailed and specific internship description to attract candidates to your role – students will want to know their role, qualifications and the benefits of working with your organization
  • As students will be applying to multiple opportunities at the same time, try to be timely when conducting your interviews and offering placements

For more information:

Freda Maideen
Arts Internship Coordinator