The French Language and Literature Program is designed to enhance active communication skills and develop an appreciation of the various literatures and cultures of the Francophonie.

A variety of language, linguistic, cultural, and literature courses – the latter offered in both French and English – aim to foster an in-depth understanding of the French-speaking world.

Students wishing to specialize in French may do a Minor, Major, or Honours program, all of which include a basic core of upper-level courses in grammar, literature, and linguistics as well as additional coursework of the students’ choosing.

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Admission to the Honours program requires an application. The major or minor can be declared on the Student Service Centre (SSC) when you have third-year standing.

If you have any questions regarding applications, please contact the department.


Lauren Wright: French, Spanish, and the Environment

Encompassed in the Department of French, Hispanic, and Italian Studies (FHIS), the Honors Program in Romance Studies allows students to explore multiple languages.  Although it is a relatively small program at UBC, fourth-year student Lauren Wright decided that it was the perfect fit for her. “I came to UBC knowing that I wanted to study […]

Alex Chen: Applied Learning

As the recipient of a national co-op award, Alex reflected on how his academic, co-curricular, and work experiences have complemented each other to create a holistic and rewarding university education.

Sheena Bell: Learning Outside the Classroom

A graduate in honours political science with a minor in French, Sheena has completed four work terms in both the private and public sector, and taken on a variety of roles that range from community outreach; to peer advising; to research and communications. In her co-op career, Sheena has managed to move to Victoria and Ottawa for work in addition to fitting in an academic term away on exchange in Grenoble, France.

Dr. Gloria Onyeoziri: Lending a Helping Hand

Some professors have made their names with their ability to liven tedious lectures with sidesplitting comedy routines, or bizarre life stories. Professor Gloria Onyeoziri, who started teaching at UBC in 1994, is known for her steadfast kindness and encouragement. “That’s good, just go on,” she presses those who are onto something. “Dig, dig, dig, deeper, try to get more of it.”

Dr. Anne Scott: Une Professeure Extraordinaire

Normally, the analyse logique is one of those nitpicky things about French grammar that can make students want to pull their hair out. So then why does Anne Scott, who teaches this notoriously painful grammatical method, score such high marks on popular websites such as Because she makes her students laugh, explains Scott, who says she sees fodder for comedy and improvisation in even the most sinister-seeming facets of the French language.


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