Language Proficiency Index (LPI)

In order to take a first-year English course, you must achieve a score of 5 on the essay portion of the LPI. Please note that the LPI is not required to meet the Writing Component of the Writing and Research Requirement.

You are exempt from the LPI requirement if:

You were admitted to the 2008 Winter Session or later with any of the following:

  • A final grade of 75% or an interim grade of 80% in BC English 12 or BC English Literature 12 (or equivalent)
  • A final grade of 75% or an interim grade of 80% in English Language and Literature or Studies in Literature (ENG4U or OAC English)  for Ontario applicants
  • A final grade of 75% or an interim grade of 80% in Grade 12 or senior year English in an English curriculum secondary school, operating in a country were English is the primary language
  • A final grade of at least 3 in AP English
  • A final grade of at least 4  or an interim grade of 5 in IB standard or higher level English A
  • Six transferable credits of English from another college or university
  • A score of at least 5 on the essay section of the Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Test – Academic (CELPIT-A)
  • A passing grade in UBC’s English Composition Test (ECT) prior to September 1992

For more details, visit the Department of English website.

First Year English and the LPI

You may register in English classes before you have an LPI score. However, to maintain your registration, you must have written the LPI by the required deadlines and score a 5 or better on the essay portion of the LPI.

For LPI deadlines, visit the First Year English website.

Have you attempted the LPI without success?

Review study material. Contact the LPI Office to request that a marker review your test with you, so as to get feedback on how you might improve. You can also register in Writing 098, a non-credit course offered by the Writing Centre. This course is meant to prepare you for the LPI.