Arts Peer Advising

All newly-admitted students to the Faculty of Arts will receive support from the Arts Peer Advisors who will help with the transition to UBC, offering information on degree requirements, course selection, and the registration process.

Another good resource is the New Student Checklist, located under the Prospective and New Students tab. The checklist breaks down the process of planning your first year into easy to follow steps.

Meet your Arts Peer Advisors

Arts Peer Advisors 2017/18 – Angela, Queena, Arlo, Charmaine and Melissa

Queena Lau

Program: 4th year, Double Major in Political Science and English Literature

Hometown: East Vancouver, BC

UBC Involvement: Peer Programs, Work Learn, UBC Orientations, Destination UBC, UBC Journal of International Affairs, International Relations Students Association (IRSA)

Hobbies: Reading, painting, traveling, kickboxing, yoga, spin

Favourite Times: 9:00-9:50pm, 4:00-7:00am

Charmaine Li

Program: 4th year, Double Major in English Literature and Creative Writing

Hometown: Vancouver and Toronto

UBC Involvement: Peer Programs, Work Learn, English Students’ Association, Her Campus UBC, Discorder Magazine, Food Society

Hobbies: Writing, everything to do with music, sports that require standing on a board sideways, coffee

Favourite Font: Constantia

Angela Liu

Program: 4th year, Major in Psychology, Minor in Sociology

Hometown: West Vancouver, BC

UBC Involvement: Arts Undergraduate Society, UBC Orientations, Work Learn

Hobbies: Swimming, skiing, painting, gardening, watching Netflix, petting dogs

Favourite TV show: Friends

Tony Olenja

Program: 4th year, Major in International Economics

Hometown: Nairobi, Kenya

UBC Involvement: Jump Start, UBC Orientations, UBC English Language Institute, Work Learn, Arts Co-op

Hobbies: Learning new music, listening to and telling stories

Favourite Retirement Plan: House by the lake (with a canoe)

Arlo Sporn

Program: 4th year, Honours in Philosophy

Hometown: Vancouver, BC

UBC Involvement: Work Learn, Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Research Conference

Hobbies: Thinking about things, playing musical instruments, shooting the breeze with friends

Favourite English Phrase: “Let’s fire up the ‘ol grill”

Melissa Tan

Program: 2nd year, Intended Honours History with International Relations, Minor Law & Society

Hometown: Kuching, East Malaysia

UBC Involvement: Seri Malaysia Club, Student Leadership Conference, Coordinated-Arts Program Conference (CAPCON), Work Learn

Hobbies: Bullet journaling, travelling, swimming, reading, checking Tumblr, eating (join me on a food hunt), basically anything that allows me to take my life off school

Favourite Quote: “And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye” – Antione de Saint-Exupery